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Six Takeaways from Andy Reid's Monday Media Availability

Reid met with the media following Kansas City’s 43-14 loss on Sunday Night Football


Andy Reid shared his thoughts on the 43-14 loss after watching the game tape. "After looking at the tape, I'll say what I said last night: It's my responsibility to have this football team ready to play. I didn't do that and I take full responsibility for it. When you're a good football team -- or you're perceived to be a good football team, you've got to learn how to control yourself, play better and not let emotions get the best of you. Our guys busted their tails and tried hard. We've got to learn how to control those emotions. It's fully on my plate and my responsibility to make sure our guys understand that, and they will because that's the type of locker room we have."

Reid explained why he felt the offense struggled to score touchdowns Sunday night.

"We weren't able to sustain drives. We had a couple of opportunities in the red zone where we didn't take advantage. Again, I have to look into the mirror on that one."

Reid explained that because the Steelers scored so many touchdowns so fast, they had to get away from their original game plan, which is never a good thing. "If a game gets away from you, to the point where you blink and they've got 22 points on the board, now you're out of your game plan. You've got to make adjustments in order to play catch-up on offense and operate on defense -- depending what they'll continue to do. As a head coach, I've got to make sure the adjustments are right and my guys are doing the right thing."

Reid said that despite the bad loss, the Chiefs are still very much in the mix.

"We're 2-2. It's not the end of the world, even though it feels that way. That's how things are in the National Football League. We've got a week to step back, analyze and fix some of these issues. The consistency is the two road games, which we haven't done very well in. I'll go back and look at my approach to the players—I don't think I've done a good enough job there when getting them mentally right to function in a football game."

Even though there are still 12 games left in the season, Reid believes that now, coming out of the bye, is the time for the Chiefs to pick up their urgency.

"In this league, there's never plenty of time. There's always an urgency for 'now,' so I don't want that to come across wrong. You're not going to fix problems unless there's a massive amount of urgency that takes place. That's where we're at, and now you go from here. We truly take it one play, one day, one game, all at a time."

Reid said cornerback Phillip Gaines "tweaked" his knee, which is why he didn't play against the Steelers.

"He tweaked it, I'm not going to say he reinjured it. Whatever it was, we just decided to back off there. That's how these things sometimes work."

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