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Social Recap: What Are the Chiefs Up to This Offseason?

A roundup of the past few days in Chiefs social media

Here's a roundup of the latest in Chiefs social media as the offseason has begun:

Aaron Murray bought a dog, and surprisingly enough, it's not a Bulldog.

May have bought the entire store for her!

"Dab" is Portuguese for "Dab."

Football season is over, golf season begins. First birdie of 2016! DAB ON EM

Jeremy Maclin recalls the moment he handed the football to Eric Fisher so that the offensive lineman could get a spike in.

Big guys like to have fun too....Spike it Fish! #ChiefsKingdom

A post shared by Jeremy Maclin (@jmac___19) on

Big guys like to have fun too....Spike it Fish!

Chris Conley is south of the border…

Trying to fit in in Mexico...

…while DJ gets to head west (again).

Getting a chance to go across the Water another time. Always thanking God for every opportunity.

The Chiefs weigh in after the AFC championship game.

 @Patriots

— Allen Bailey (@AllenBailey57) January 24, 2016

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