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Sunday's Chiefs vs. Raiders Kickoff Time Has Changed

The final regular season game of the year will have a new kickoff time

The Kansas City Chiefs (10-5) earned a spot in the playoffs after their 17-13 win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and with next week's matchup against the Oakland Raiders possibly determining the AFC West Champion, the game time has now changed.

Rather than the originally scheduled noon kickoff on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, the kickoff will now take place at 3:25 p.m. CT.

This is in part due to the fact that the Denver Broncos host the San Diego Chargers next Sunday as well, and both games need to kick off at the same time to avoid any advantage of one team over another.

The Broncos, who sit with a 10-4 record, host the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night.

With the Chiefs already holding a 10-5 record (and a better divisional record), all they need is one loss from the Broncos either Monday night or next Sunday against the Chargers, plus a victory at home over the Raiders, and they will win the AFC West for the first time since 2010.

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