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Supporting First Downs for Down Syndrome

The Chiefs O-line supports Down Syndrome community

The Chiefs recently visited the KFC in Raytown, MO to raise awareness and support First Downs for Down Syndrome (FDFDS).

The FDFDS has been the charity of choice for the Chiefs offensive linemen and since its inception in 1992, together they have raised more than $7.6 million for the Down Syndrome community. This charity is supported solely through tax-deductible contributions and fundraisers throughout the year.

With the help of FDFDS, hundreds of families in the Kansas City area have access to vital medical, emotional and education support services.

"The offensive linemen have been involved with FDFDS for the past two decades," Chuck Castellano, Chiefs Community Relations Manager explained. "These players are always genuinely excited to interact with these children and their families. These kind of events are a huge component to helping FDFDS make an impact in our community."

 All funds raised support local organizations, one of which is The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City, which provides education and support to individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.

"It's incredible for all of our families to have access to the players because they are so supportive of our families and our organization," Amy Stoll, FDFDS Executive Director, noted. "It's been a great partnership for the last 22 years. We're honored to have them on our side."

The Chiefs O-line, Chiefs Cheerleaders and KC Wolf interacted with the children of FDFDS, signing autographs and taking photos.

"This is my third year doing this with KFC and working with FDFDS," Jeff Allen said. "It's great being able to doing something to reach out to the entire community, not just those with Down Syndrome. Seeing these kids and the smiles on their faces and being able to brighten their day a little bit is incredible. We want to give them a little encouragement and make them smile."

KFC is part of Yum! Brands, Inc, which has been partnered with FDFDS for the past 10 years. The Chiefs and KFC came together to create the KFC FDFDS Drive, giving KFC customers the opportunity to donate $1 to FDFDS with every purchase at local KFC restaurants.

To learn more about FDFDS, visit their website here.

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