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Sutton: Chiefs D is 'coming together as one'

Chiefs DC Bob Sutton talks defensive goals within each game

It was a very busy day at One Arrowhead Drive. The Kansas City Chiefs players arrived to the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex early for a morning walkthrough, followed by some of the players and coaches addressing the media, including Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. Among the many topics coach Sutton covered included the team's ability to work together as a unit, regardless of which players, starters or non-starters, were in the game.

"One of the things that's so important that you're trying to figure out is how are you going to play collectively as a unit," Sutton said. "Eleven parts coming together as one. For example, the very first play of the San Francisco game, we've done a really good job, we've got them bottled up on the run and then all of the sudden (Frank) Gore breaks out the back end and 52 yards later, down there in the scoring zone; that's not the way you drew it up to start or wanted it to start, and it wasn't like you got gassed, the guy made a great football play. The thing that I was happy with defensively was they didn't lose their focus, didn't lose their concentration. We ended up getting three-and-out and held them to a field goal."

The same lesson coach Sutton learned had his players also talking, specifically about the Frank Gore run and the Chiefs response.

"I think we all just overplayed the play," Chiefs S Eric Berry said. "If it was any other running back, I don't know if they would have tried to cut back right there. Frank Gore just made a heck of a play. We have to be prepared for stuff like that. I think that really helped us, and I'm glad that happened during the preseason."

Speaking on behalf of the Chiefs defense, Berry was proud that the 49ers were able to get three points, rather than seven on that drive.

"Yeah, most definitely," Berry said. "The fact that we held them to a field goal, and once that play was done, it was done. Everybody gave it up and was on to the next play. I think that's the mentality that we have to have and I think it shows us maturing as a team, as well."

While the Chiefs escaped that drive with only allowing three points, thanks to the maturity, physicality and short-term memory of the defense, which moved to the next play quickly, Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson said the team is focused on eliminating those allowed big plays to set the team up for better things in the future.


"We're just coming out every day to get better," Jackson said. "A lot of our mistakes like the first play in the 49ers game, we were just overpursuing to the ball; guys were really running to the ball full speed but we were taking bad angles. It's those types of things that we're going out to practice and we're correcting, little details that lead to big things."

Following the interviews, the Chiefs later went out to practice, making the necessary corrections, nearing their upcoming road game, Saturday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers (6:30 PM CDT).

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