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Sweat Equity, the Lombardi Trophy and More from Chiefs Coach Andy Reid

It’s that time of the year

The optimism is high and the goals have never seemed more attainable.

It's time for the 2016 version of Kansas City Chiefs training camp, and for head coach Andy Reid, who is entering into his fourth camp leading the Chiefs, moving everybody an hour north to St. Joseph, Missouri, for camp is key in building this football team.

"I think the one advantage is that you've got everybody housed here," Reid explained of his team going to the campus of Missouri Western State University for training camp. "You're away from distractions and you can focus in on football. It's where you come together as a team."

It's the sweat equity these players earn together over the next three weeks at camp that, according to Reid, makes all the difference.

"Through the mental and physical exertion that you have to put out at practice, you kind of have to work with each other," Reid explained. "If I'm having a bad day, (general manager) John (Dorsey) is going to pick me up. If John's having a bad day, I'm going to pick him up.

"So you develop this camaraderie with one another."

Reid said the camaraderie extends beyond just the players and coaches, but to everyone in the organization who calls Missouri Western State University home over the next three weeks.

It's part of that family atmosphere that Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt has always stressed to be so important.

"You get to know a lot of the people in the organization a little bit better," Reid added. "You see them around every day because they're staying in the dorms too."

The team has technically been working out together since April, when they reported for the beginning of Phase One of offseason workouts, but things ramp up at camp and Reid is looking forward to seeing how this group responds.

"You get reps with pads," Reid said of what he looks forward to at camp. "You have the opportunity to tackle and work on the things you need work on. So the great players, they do that. They say, 'I'm pretty good at this, but I'm going to take these things I'm not so good at and I'm going to get better at them. I'm going to focus in on those things and really strengthen myself as a football player.'"

The Kansas City Chiefs rookies, quarterbacks, injured players, and coaches arrive on the campus of Missouri Western State University for the 2016 Chiefs Training Camp.

Since Reid and Dorsey took over prior to the 2013 season, the Chiefs have put together three straight winning seasons and had two playoff appearances, including the organization's first playoff win in more than two decades.

"When I got here four years ago, the players said, 'You just tell us what you want to do and we're going to do it,'" Reid recalled. "Honestly, that's been the attitude since I've been here. I've never been worried one bit about this group working and coming in here thinking it will be any different."

Reid is confident the players know what lies ahead.

"If you're going to win the Lombardi Trophy, you have to go earn that thing," Reid added. "That's a tough thing to do—no matter how you cut it. You have to be mentally prepared.

"They just don't give those away."

Fans can be a part of the start of this journey by attending any one of the 18 practices open to the public over the next three weeks.

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