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The Unbearable Lightness, 2004

The Unbearable Lightness, 2004

Oil Marker on Varnished Acrylic

This is an adaptable piece with no preferred vantage point, leaving the orientation entirely to the owner of this piece. This unique approach allows the painting to be hung sideways, diagonally or upside down.

The title refers to the release of control by the artist and the inability to limit whatever significance may be derived from the work. This narrative painting about line, shape, and color draws on topographical maps and shell formations. The varied-color lines interact with the background color and form new shapes depending on color overlay and orientation.

Faus is a visual artist and writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. He received a B.A. in English Creative Writing and a B.A. in Art Studio Painting from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

José Faus