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QB Patrick Mahomes II | Texas Tech


6'2" Height | 33 1/4" Arm Length | 225lbs. Weight | 9 1/4" Hands

Strengths: Possesses NFL body type for work inside and out of the pocket. Has an undeniable swagger and confidence to his game. Accuracy has improved in each season since his freshman year. Naturally accurate in his every day throws. Comfortable challenging defenders in space. Has arm strength and fearlessness to attack the cover-2 voids down the sideline. Can make deep, field side throws. Cranks up velocity to fit passes into tight windows. Former pitcher who propels hips through his release with aggressive torque and never gets cheated on his follow-through. Can deliver strikes from a variety of arm angles. Expedites release on RPOs (run-pass option) or when pressure is mounting in pocket. Puts effort into play-action fakes. Relaxed and effective when throwing on the move. Can be a legitimate dual-threat in a boot-action offense. Improved his eye manipulation over the years and will eyeball linebackers to hold them while patterns unfold around them. Has pocket mobility to escape pressure and the poise to extend plays and find alternate targets. Hands are very strong. Can pump and reset without issues. Competes as a runner and is willing to go the extra mile for the first down.

Five Things to Know About QB Patrick Mahomes II

Patrick Mahomes II is the Kansas City Chiefs' first quarterback selection in 34 years in the first round.

The last time the Chiefs had selected a quarterback in the first round was Todd Blackledge in 1983. That changed Thursday night.

The Chiefs traded with the Buffalo Bills up to the 10th overall pick to select quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.

So who is Patrick Mahomes II?

Mahomes is a second-team all-Big 12 QB out of Texas Tech University.

Photos of QB Patrick Mahomes II, the Chiefs first-round 2017 draft pick

Breaking Down the Chiefs' Decision to Draft QB Patrick Mahomes II

Up to this point, it was the biggest night of his life.

Surrounded by family and friends at the lakeside Lago Del Pino restaurant that he rented out near his hometown in Tyler, Texas, former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II answered the call Thursday night that the Kansas City Chiefs franchise hadn't placed in 34 years.

Not since Todd Blackledge was taken with the No. 7 overall pick in 1983 had the Chiefs made the call to select a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft.

To put that in perspective, the only current Chiefs players who were alive when that happened were linebacker Derrick Johnson and punter Dustin Colquitt, and they weren't even walking yet.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes II's Father Proud of His Son's Gamble on Himself

As a high school senior in Whitehouse, Texas, in 2014, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II made a decision that altered not only his own life, but also the current and future state of the Chiefs' franchise as well.

Mahomes, a standout baseball player who once struck out 16 players in a game and possessed a 95-mile-per-hour fastball, was looking at the opportunity to play professional baseball and a signing bonus in excess of a million dollars if he wanted to follow the path of his father.

The elder Mahomes played 11 years in the big leagues (1992-2003) as a relief pitcher—throwing more than 700 innings in his career.

"When he started preparing for the baseball draft his senior year, his conversations started to kind of change a little bit," Mahomes' father recalled.

Photos of the set up of Patrick Mahomes' locker and the stitching of his jersey

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