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Alex Smith Press Conference Transcript

The Chiefs QB says it's "awesome" to be 4-0


Sunday, September 29, 2013
Game 4
Postgame Player Quotes
Chiefs QB Alex Smith

How does it feel to be 4-0?

"Awesome. Yeah, it's great."

Did 4-0 ever cross your mind?

"I mean, I'm being honest when I say this, the entire focus all offseason, all camp, all we talked about was 1-0, to get the first one. It's such a week-to-week thing. You can't start looking down the line. You can't start counting anything. So, no, to answer your question."

This game went differently from an offensive management standpoint. Can you talk about this?

"Yeah, I mean, you'd like to never have turnovers, but it's part of the game. They were a good defense, a good football team and they made some nice plays. I think they're correctable mistakes, which I think is a good thing. The other thing was team effort. I think our defense played lights-out and special teams gave us some momentum. Then, three weeks in a row now, in the fourth quarter, end of the fourth quarter, with a chance to put the game out of reach, the offense has stepped up and got the job done, especially the guys up-front. Once again, I think we're taking the game over."

How do you deal with turnovers at this stage in the game?

"For me, it's the types of turnovers. As a quarterback, there are interceptions that you can control and there are those that aren't your fault. For me, communication, things on the outside, both balls were to one-on-one guys, I wasn't throwing into a town meeting of defenders. (They were) things that are easily corrected, but need to get worked out communication wise, but like I said, at this point, they're easy enough to move on from, especially with the team football we were playing, with the defense playing great, continuing to give us chances."

What were you guys saying to each other going into the fourth quarter?

"For me, the energy level was really high, there; it has been, the last three weeks, in the fourth quarter. I get pretty fired up there, in the end; I get pretty jacked up, especially as we're moving the ball. It's a chance to really open the game up. When we're in the huddle, you can feel it, a lot of energy."

You've had big drives the past three weeks, are you doing anything different?

"We're executing better, I think, and we're running the ball better in the fourth quarter. That's been consistent the last three weeks, moving the line. We really ran the ball well in the fourth quarter and I think it really opens up some stuff, outside."

How conscious are you of the integration of special teams, defense and offense? How important is that?

"You're all aware of where you are, when you get the ball backed up; I'm very aware of that. We at least get a few first downs and change the field position and things like that. There's other times when you're just out there playing football. When you get good field position from your defensive turnovers, special teams, whatever it is, you have to capitalize. Things like that definitely come to my mind. That's part of the turnover deal, playing good football, being good with the football, playing team football and not putting your defense in bad situations."

Can you talk about Kevin Brock and Sean McGrath stepping up?

"Those two guys have done a great job, both on short notice. Sean (McGrath) being picked up from waivers and having to play right away. Coming in and having to play right away, I think he's done an excellent job of just going out and playing. A lot of those guys, you can tell right away, you get in the huddle and some of those guys, you can tell, it can be good for them, right away. He didn't blink, just stepped in and went and we didn't even notice, didn't skip a beat. I've been really impressed with him. And then (Kevin) Brock coming back, same thing, short notice, having to come in and playing a lot of football, he's done a great job."

Talk about Dexter McCluster's big plays on third down.

"Big third-down plays. He had three today, at least. He's the guy that brings so much energy, not just to special teams, but on offense for us. He's a difference maker and the guy that's got a really unique toolset. He really helped us today, move the chains."

What is it like to have the luxury of having so many targets?

"I think it's a strength of ours. We continue to have such great balance to be able to do some of the different things. Yeah, I mean, guys are stepping up. We had some injuries at the tight end position and those guys are stepping up and playing good football. Jamaal (Charles) is so versatile, in and out of the backfield, running and catching; it was really a weapon for us. Then outside, Donnie (Avery) with the amount of catches he had last week, I think you could definitely tell they recognized that and Dwayne (Bowe), on the other side. I think the more balance you have with the guys outside, the better and the tougher it is to defend."

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