Andy Reid on facing Texans: "What a great challenge for our OL"

Reid spoke with the media on Monday

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, really don't have a lot of injuries here for you. The guys are just coming in now, so we'll get you that. Dee Ford did come in after the game and he took a hit to the head, so we're going to test him for a concussion and go through that whole protocol. But we'll see how that goes – we don't have the results or anything like that.

I thought it was a good team win, I thought all three phases contributed in some way to the game. Still came out of it with a ton of room to improve, which is a good thing. The guys – they'll be hard at work tomorrow getting ready for the Texans. And listen, we know the Texans, they know us from the first game – I think both teams are probably a little bit different. I keep coming back to that second half of football against them that they shut us out and we've got to make sure we figure all of that out and the new stuff that they've got and get ourselves ready to play against a good football team.

The turnovers - I'll take responsibility for the turnovers. They probably weren't very good calls for the situation we were in and/or coverage that we were in, but the good part was that I saw Alex (Smith) bounce back and make a great throw – a big time trust-throw to Demetrius (Harris). So that was a positive coming out of that. Anyways, the time is yours."

Q: Is Marcus Peters more prepared for this challenge than he was in the first matchup against Houston?

REID:"Yeah, I think – well just by experience, I would tell you yes. (DeAndre Hopkins) is a good receiver, he'll get up – I mean, (Marcus Peters) is going to challenge everybody, so he's not going to back down from anything. That should be – that's one of those you want to watch and see as a fan and I think as a coach. You're curious to see how he does against that player. He's had some big challenges to this day so he's risen to each one of them."

Q: What are the odds we see the offense open up a little bit more like the Indianapolis game in 2013?

REID:"We haven't been saving much, to be honest with you. Every week here our back's been to the wall and I'd like to tell you that this is a one-and-done thing but this is the way it's been for about the last six, seven, eight weeks. We'll see – we'll see what we can put together."

Q: What are the chances Justin Houston won't play on Saturday?

REID:"Listen, it's day by day. We're going to take it and see how he does. The positive was he practiced a little bit last week, which was a good thing. And then we'll just see how he does this week."

Q:How do you feel Tamba did yesterday?

REID: "It was good for him to get in. it's tough for him to practice on that indoor turf with his knees the way they are. He got out and he got some reps in and some work in, knocked some of the rust off. And at the same time, get it at game speed, which I thought was important."

Q:Do you suspect the same situation with Justin Houston if he's able to play?

REID: "Well the thing he can do is if he can practice, that's an advantage. That was one of the things about getting him back in there last week as long as he was feeling alright. He did a pretty good job with what he was fed there. And then we'll just see with the game."

Q:What's the issue with Tamba as far as holding him back for more playing time this past game?

REID: "I wanted to ease him back in is what I wanted to do there. Let him get used to his brace. I wanted to come out of this without his knees swelling up. So we just used him on third down pass situations. He snuck in on a couple other ones, that was rough holding him back."

Q:So he could have played more?

REID: "Yeah, he could have played a little more."

Q:How do you feel like you did in effecting the quarterback against Oakland?

REID: "I thought we did pretty good. We were able to get to the quarterback and anytime you come out with six sacks, that's a pretty good day. I thought we had pressure on him other times."

Q:Do you believe that momentum can matter in a season?

REID: "Well my stat guy up there, Mike Frazier, will tell you momentum doesn't mean a thing. No, I think there's something to that, you come in with a certain confidence (and) that's important. They've got the same thing, going, we've got the same thing going. It should be a heck of a game. You kind of look forward to the challenge of it."

Q:How much of Albert Wilson's team-leading six targets was dictated by the coverage?

REID: "Some of it was we just had a number of plays in for him that got dialed up. He's playing good football right now. So he's deserving of it and the quarterback has a lot of trust in him."

Q:Can this offense reach its full ceiling without its No. 2 receiver emerging?

REID: "Well it helps to have that. I think Albert has shown that he can be a productive guy."

Q:Do you anticipate that the battle between Albert Wilson and Chris Conley will continue next year?

REID: "One of the neat things with Conley is he's played everywhere. He's developed into that, smart kid. You see him at the X-position, you see him a ton at the zebra position, he and Jason (Avant) actually came out with an equal number of plays two weeks ago. And you're seeing him play some Z when Jeremy (Maclin) comes out. He's been a nice addition to the crew."

Q:Does one of those guys have a better skill position for the slot?

REID: "I think they're both pretty good in there. I think they both do a pretty good job, good feel.

Q:With a guy like J.J. Watt, do you just have to weather the storm? Their front seven's momentum seems to be hitting a stride at the end of the year.

REID: "Yeah, they're playing very well. They had eight sacks or so yesterday, that's a pretty good number. They had constant pressure on the quarterback. J.J. got his cast off, he's playing good football, but he's not the only one on that front that's playing good football. What a great challenge, though, for our offensive line, that's what it's all about. They're going to line up, they're going to bring it, they're on the turf, they've got a loud crowd, they'll be revved up. It doesn't get any better than that, right?"

Q:In what ways has the offensive line matured since Week One to handle Houston's front seven?

REID: "They've stayed consistent through it. It's not always pretty, that's not this crew, they're not going to win any beauty contests. They come out and they'll battle you and there's something to be said about that."

Q: Do you like Where Alex Smith's game is at right now?

REID:"I do. Yeah, he's doing some good things. I could have given him better plays, I was kind of pushing him."

Q: Have you seen him grow as a player since the first game of the season in Houston?

REID:"I think so. The offense has kind of expanded a little bit and he's handled it well. He's in charge."

Q: What's his role in that?

REID:"Well, he's the leader of the offense and he's got, the thing that's probably changed a bit is the control at the line of scrimmage. He's got a variety of things he can get in and out of, but one touchdown to Jeremy (Maclin) was one he changed the route on. It was a beautiful thing."

Q: What are some things you saw from your offense in the first few series that you want them to take into the Houston game?

REID:"Well, we scored. That's positive and we did it on a long field. That's always good. You eat up a little time, you can get it in the end zone."

Q: Is there anything you don't ask Ron Parker to do?

REID:"No, he's something. He plays corner, he plays nickel, which is tough, and he plays the safety position, which is kind of his home. You have confidence that you can put him on their best inside receiver. You can do that as a nickel player, and that's a different world in there. That whole nickel thing is a different deal."

Q: Does Ron kind of have a knack for that blitz?

REID:"Yeah, he's got a good feel. Not everyone can do that either, so he's got a good feel for the blitz, good tackler, he's got good instincts."

Q: How consistent was Clark Hunt during your conversations throughout the season?

REID:"He's been great. He's got full trust in (John) Dorsey and I and he's always projected that. Maybe when we were 1-5, he was different away from us, but with us, he was phenomenal (laughing). He was phenomenal. Good person. Real good person."

Q: How much of a difference would you say Alex Smith's willingness to take off and run has made for this offense?

REID:"Yeah, no, that's a tough thing on defenses. I'm sure they'll be aware of that. I think the last few teams have tried to do some things, and he's got a good feel of when to go and when to stay. That puts pressure on the defense."

Q: What has the addition of Jeff Allen meant for the overall development of the offensive line?

REID:"He brings a little nasty to that group that's welcome, good leadership. That's a tough position to play in there, so you've got to be in the right frame of mind every week. We don't have a lot of age in there, so he's a seasoned veteran as a third, fourth year player, whatever he is. He brings a little bit of attitude."

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