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Chiefs Rookie Minicamp: 72 Players Set to Participate, Plus Other Important Info

Here’s the roster of players who will attend the three-day minicamp this weekend

The Kansas City Chiefs will hold their three-day rookie minicamp beginning on Saturday afternoon.

Among several things of note, it's the first opportunity to see the Chiefs' 2019 draft class in action. We'll see the speed of receiver Mecole Hardman, the ball-hawking skills of safety Juan Thornhill and the burst of running back Darwin Thompson—just to name a few.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid will speak with the media Saturday before practice (~ 12:00 p.m. CT), and also Monday after practice (~ 1:00 p.m. CT). Several players are set to speak with the media each day as well.

Between the six members of the Chiefs' 2019 draft class, plus the 17 undrafted free agents who just recently signed contracts, the handful of current Chiefs' players who are eligible to participate, plus a few veteran tryout guys and a whole bunch rookie tryout players, there will be 72 players in total participating this year.

Considering only a handful of these players have seen the Chiefs' playbook, these practices generally run a little slower than your typical NFL practice with a lot more teaching taking place by the coaching staff between reps. That said, there's always a few players who stand out and give us a glimpse of what we can only hope to see once the pads come on at training camp.

The biggest way these players can impress this weekend is by their ability to retain a lot of information being thrown at them in a short amount of time.

Following last year's rookie minicamp, the Chiefs signed five players who were there on a tryout basis, which included defensive backs Malik Reaves (Villanova) and Step Durham (Georgia Tech), linebacker Rob McCray (Indiana), wide receiver Jordan Smallwood (Oklahoma) and center Tejan Koroma (BYU).

So, who might impress the Chiefs' coaches and personnel staff enough at rookie minicamp this year to sign contracts?

Here's the list of players who will participate this weekend: