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Five Things We Learned From Head Coach Andy Reid on Monday

Reid met with the media on Monday following the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid met with the media on Monday afternoon following the Chiefs' victory over the Denver Broncos.

Here are five things that stood out.

1. The Broncos defensive players gave credit to Patrick Mahomes and yourself, as well, in the locker room after the game, saying you give [Mahomes] a lot of options to work with on plays. Would you prefer to fly under the radar or does that sort of compliment make you feel good?

REID: "I had some of those guys in the Pro Bowl. Those are good guys, too. I told you before, they love to play the game. We were in Orlando for the last [Pro Bowl that we coached] and those guys showed me a little something. They have a pretty good culture going there. I would pass the compliments, though. I think [Offensive Coordinator] Eric Bieniemy has done a phenomenal job. He doesn't say much, but he has a very creative mind and he also does a nice job with the team - with the offensive side of that. I would probably defer more to him and the guys. [Offensive Line Coach] Andy Heck is another one who gets zero credit. I think he likes the RPOs [run-pass option plays] and the run-game stuff - he has really bought in. This is different than what we all came up with, but Andy as a line coach had to make some changes there and loves this stuff and comes up with some phenomenal ideas. He and [Assistant Offensive Line Coach] Corey Matthaei work together on that and every week is something new and creative."

2. With the season at the midway point, in your 20 years of experience, when do you feel you can deviate from things you've put out on tape?

REID: "You probably have to talk to some of the coordinators we play against. They try to give you a different look every week. We kind of bank on what we have installed in the OTAs [Organized Team Activities] and during camp. We're able to draw from that a little bit. We are always trying to give you a different look so that when you get here, you don't have to go back or run out of things. We keep it pretty fresh and it keeps the guys fresh every week. It's a nice little challenge for them. Are you going to change everything? No team's going to do that. We throw enough things in there for them to have some fun with it and work with it."

3. [Linebacker] Ben Niemann came in for [linebacker] Anthony Hitchens when he had to come out. He had been out earlier in the season with an injury, how has he developed and what do you see for him going forward?

REID: "Yes, Ben [Niemann] has done a nice job. He's a smart kid - a coach's kid. He doesn't say much, but I like the way he goes about his business. The way he talks and has to make calls - people listen. He has done a nice job. [Inside Linebackers' Coach] Mark [DeLeone] has done a good job with him, spending extra time with him from a coaching side. I think everyone has confidence if that comes about. Hopefully, Hitch [Anthony Hitchens] will be OK, I'm not saying that Hitch isn't OK. We have done a couple of preliminary things last night and it looked like we are heading in the right direction, although I'm sure he is going to be a little sore as we go."

4. You are 19 out of 20 in your own division, you must feel some sense of feeling like that is a really difficult thing to accomplish?

REID: "I didn't even know that number, to be honest with you, but I appreciate you telling me that. I don't, that is the furthest thing from my mind, honestly. I am trying to figure out how we can put together a good game plan against Cleveland. I try not to look at that."

5. With it being the halfway point, how have you seen this particular group come together and what gives you confidence about how things are going?

REID: "I mentioned the communication part on the defense. I think as we go, that has been paying off here. On the offensive side, it looks like the guys like playing together and enjoy that. I think collectively, special teams, offense, defense, everyone wants to be a part of it, yet they're not a selfish group. They are willing to spread the wealth. Everyone knows they are going to have an opportunity to play and when they do, let's roll. I have been pleased with that."