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Five Things We Learned From Head Coach Andy Reid on Monday

Coach Reid spoke with members of the media on Monday afternoon

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Monday afternoon following the Chiefs' loss to New England on Sunday.

Here are five things that stood out.

1. What did you learn about [quarterback] Patrick Mahomes last night?

"He started off a little rough, but he came back and he battled through it. He kept firing, which is important, and he made some plays. He's a young guy, and for him to be able to overcome those things during the game tells you a little bit about him. On the other hand, we need to get better at those things and we need to start better. He's the type that will do that, and he knows that every day isn't going to be perfect, but he needs to keep battling, and that's what he does. I appreciate that about him."

2. What did you see out of [defensive backs] Jordan Lucas and Josh Shaw?

"I thought Jordan came in and played a pretty solid game. Are there some things he needs to get better at? Sure, he needs to get better at a couple things, but I thought he did some real nice things. He was moving fast and he had a good energy about him. He had an opportunity for an interception, and that's one that he'd like to have back and come down with, but he did a good job in coverage. For Josh, listen, this was his first game in there. He had a big job to do, and I think he did a pretty good job. He had one play there that he'd probably like to have back, and that was at the end there, but he's a good football player and he has a good attitude. I think that the more that these guys play and play together, the better they'll get."

3. How do you feel like last night's game can help you moving forward and how do you want the team to learn from last night's game considering where it was at and who it was against?

"The more you're together and the more you play together, the better you understand each other. You [develop] that battle-tested [mentality] where you feel like if you just take care of a few of the issues there early, we have a chance to be a pretty good team. That's what you learn from something like this. Every week, you learn something new. I think coming out of this game, that's what you're saying. You're kicking yourself in the tail a little bit for the things that happened early, but on the other hand, you're going, 'You know what? We fix a couple of those things and we're going to be OK.'"

4. Is it difficult for the defense to grow together with all the new faces out there?

"It's new growth, and that's OK. The attitude is right, it's just a matter of working through youth and communication. That's what we're doing with the new group in there. You see them get better as the game goes on – you're seeing that growth right there in front of you with the new bodies and personalities in there. They're battling, though. If they're making a mistake, it's at 100 miles per hour, but they're working through it."

5. After beginning the season with four of the first six games on the road, how much of a benefit is it to have three of the next four games at Arrowhead?

"It's great to play here, but you have to handle it the right way. As players and coaches, we need to handle it the right way. The urgency level remains up and you don't back off it at all in that area. You feed off our great fans, man. They'll be in there rain or shine or in the snow or the wind – anything – they'll show up for us. They'll be in there and they'll be loud, and we appreciate that. There's no better place to play than Arrowhead."