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Five Things We Learned From Monday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid met with the media on Monday morning

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid met with the media on Monday morning following the Chiefs' victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here are five things that stood out.

1. How is Patrick Mahomes going to handle the success and what's your message to him on dealing with distractions going forward?

REID: "I think just the fact that he's grown up around this type of thing with his dad. He's been in that locker room, you see the pictures with Alex Rodriguez and that, so I don't think any of that phases him. He understands that you've got to show up. I'm not as concerned about that as much as him becoming a better player - working on that. He's focused and he's always here, a bit of a gym rat type of guy. I mean, he grew up around it, so you've got to kick him out of here and go home and get some rest. He handles it pretty well. I think he'll continue to do that, that part I think he'll continue to do, I'm projecting, but I feel pretty good about that."

2. What do you think went Sammy Watkins' way yesterday because he was so successful?

REID: "Yeah, listen, it was just a matter of time. That's going to happen. We have a lot of guys out there, so the quarterback is spreading it around. Somewhere, he's going to be the one that's open and not have as many people on him. That was the case and he took advantage of it. You saw how physical he is, I mentioned that when we first got him, it's hard to press cover him because he's a strong kid. Then you see him with the ball in his hands after the catch and he's pretty good with that. He's strong there, too. He's a physical player."

3. When it comes to offensive line, how much confidence do you have to have to go empty as much as you did, not only to call those plays, but for Pat to be able to stand back there and do what he did?

REID: "You have to have trust in all the guys to be able to do that. There's really no secret once you open that thing up like that. It comes down to your offensive line to block. Keith Butler is a good defensive coordinator, so he threw the kitchen sink at them with different looks. The offensive line handled it for the most part. There were only a few where someone was coming free and that was by sheer number. Other than that, the offensive line made some nice adjustments and picked people up. Patrick didn't panic. He just hung there and allowed those guys to work for him."

4. The better quarterbacks in league history have taken a few years to develop. Has it impressed you how ready he (Patrick) is at such a young age?

REID: "I will come back to last year and being in that room with Alex (Smith), having that opportunity to see how he worked. For a young guy, that's invaluable. Alex was not one who was going to hide anything or play games with him or anything like that. He kept it all out in the open and was secure enough, that wasn't a problem. He has another good veteran in there now. Eric Bieniemy [adds] probably another dimension to it for him for protection and the toughness it takes to play that position in this league. Mike Kafka has played the position in the offense, so he knows and is another good guy to spend hours with. Mike (Kafka) was his personal coach last year. He did everything with him, and now he is his coach in this spot. [Matt] Nagy was working with Alex. Mike was working heavy with Patrick. He came into a good situation with Alex (Smith) and, like I said, that was priceless for him. There's no way he could repay Alex (Smith) for having that experience. That was phenomenal."

5. How excited are you to get to play in front of the home crowd?

REID: "Looking forward to that. We enjoy playing here. There are no better fans in the National Football League than right here. This place gets rocking, I expect that to be the case against the 49ers. The 49ers are a good football team. We have to make sure we have a good week of preparation and then we load that place up with all that red. That is a beautiful thing. That is what this is all about."