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Five Things We Learned from Wednesday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and linebacker Dee Ford met with the media on Wednesday

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and linebacker Dee Ford met with the media on Wednesday.

Here are five things that stood out.

Head Coach Andy Reid

1. How different is your week preparing for a team with this much change of staff?

REID: "We don't get into that. We know there is talent there and coaching there. What we do is focus in on getting the process of getting ready to play a football team and eliminate all those other things. That is what we can control. I'm sure it is going to be similar as far as schemes go at this point in the year. I'm sure there will be a wrinkle here or there. At this point, it's hard to completely change over at this time. We're going to work hard at that and just make sure we get ourselves right and ready to go. We have so much room to improve right now. We need to focus in on that."

2. What jumps out about [edge rusher] Myles Garrett?

REID: "He is a great player right now. You see him getting better from last year to this year. He is way more comfortable. He can bring it now. Fast, big, strong, quick, all those things make up for a defensive end or outside linebacker at this level. He is very quick off the ball."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

3. What do you make of Cleveland's defense?

MAHOMES: "First off, they have a ton of talented players. Everywhere on their defense, there's talented players. They have a great defensive line that can really rush the passer and they know how to get turnovers, I mean, they go for the strips, they go for the interceptions. For us, it's about staying within our game, playing the game we've been playing this entire season, not trying to force anything and just trying to put some points on the board."

4. You seem to be really spreading the football around, what do you think it is about this group that makes you confident in getting the football to anyone?

MAHOMES: "I think it's the relationships we build on and off the field. I am confident that everyone is going to be in the right spot on every single play and I know the guys are going to go out there and make plays. Just building up those relationships and seeing what these guys can do all training camp and all this season so far, I know I can give those guys chances to make plays and they'll make them."

Linebacker Dee Ford

5. What does the AFC Defensive Player of the Week Award mean to you?

FORD: "It's good. It's great for me, but my blinders are on right now. This team is on a bigger mission. There is not a lot of time to celebrate. We have a bigger mission of what we are trying to do. It's great for me individually and I will probably celebrate once the season is over. This is just the type of guy I am, I just like to stay committed to the process."