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Five Things We Learned From Wednesday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and running back Spencer Ware met with the media on Wednesday afternoon

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and running back Spencer Ware met with the media on Wednesday afternoon.

Here are five things that stood out.

Head Coach Andy Reid

1. What can Charcandrick West provide in the locker room as he gets acclimated back into the swing of things?

REID: "Charcandrick comes to work every day with a smile on his face and great energy. [He's a] big time energy giver. That's what he does. He can play, too. I don't want to slight him on that. He has always been an energy guy who always comes to work with a smile on his face and loves to practice. All those intangible things, he's got."

2. What have you seen from Baltimore's offense now that they have changed quarterbacks?

REID: "First of all, [Offensive Coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] does a great job with that offense – he's very creative. You know what they have done, because [Joe] Flacco gets hurt then [Lamar Jackson] has an opportunity to play. They are kind of doing the same thing they were doing when they were rotating the two of them, they are just doing more of it. You don't slight him. Don't slight him as a thrower at all. I made that statement to you at the combine. Give him a shot at quarterback - he is pretty good at that. I will stand by that. He is a unique player, and Flacco is an ex-world champion. He can sling it, too. That's a pretty good situation for them."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

3. Do you think Baltimore offers something unique on defense?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, they have their own scheme, first off. It's different than most teams, if not all teams, in the league. Then they also have the players that are talented as well as smart enough to run it. It does present a different challenge that you don't see every single week, but at the same time, you're ready for challenges like that. It's a top-rated defense in the league and they're going to come with physicality and they're coming to get in the playoffs. It's going to have that playoff atmosphere and I'm excited to be in Arrowhead and get to play against a good defense like this."

4. How does Spencer Ware bring a different dynamic to the running back spot?

MAHOMES: "I think everybody has their own things that they're good at and that they don't do as well. For Spencer, I think he just has that toughness in how he runs and it's like every single time he gets tackled he's pushing the pile for another extra few yards. You saw when he got to the goal line how he fought and got that touchdown. He's also really smart, he can help me with protections if I need to because he's been here that long. He's just a smart player to have back there."

Running Back Spencer Ware

5. You found out late last week you were going to be the guy going against Oakland, what are some of the challenges of jumping in like that?

WARE: "There really weren't any challenges, it's more the endurance I want to say. Just pounding and pounding throughout the course of the game. Sixty minutes. I haven't done that in a while. That was the big adjustment."