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Q & A with Zach Fulton

Hear from the Chiefs sixth-round pick G Zach Fulton

The Chiefs selected University of Tennessee G Zach Fulton in the sixth-round of the 2014 NFL Draft. The 6-5, 323-pound Fulton played in 47 games at Tennessee. Fulton is an Illinois native, but is excited to be in Kansas City and be a part of the Chiefs organization.

View photos of the Chiefs sixth-round draft pick, Zach Fulton.

R: What are your thoughts on Kansas City so far?

Z: It's a great place. I haven't had a chance to see too much of the city, but I'm excited to be here and be a part of the Kansas City Chiefs.

R: What's it been like working with this coaching staff?

Z: I love it. Coach Reid is a great coach and I can't wait for this upcoming season. I've really been working closely with Coach Heck and Coach Chung. I've been learning a lot from them, like all the new plays, technique, different drills and such. We're here at the facility all day and they just gave us our playbook so we've been studying that a lot. We've been learning the plays, what you have to do on those plays and the technique to go along with it.

R: What are your thoughts on this offense?

Z: This offense is pretty similar to what I ran in college so I'm pretty used to it. It's just a lot of different terminology that I need to get used to, I'm working on getting that down and having it become second nature.

R:What is your biggest strength as an offensive lineman?

Z:I would say my toughness. I think it's going to get me a long way.

R: Take me through the day you were drafted. 

Z: I was with my family, we were all watching it at the house downstairs, but then things were getting tense because it was down to the sixth-round, so I was getting nervous. I went upstairs to watch by myself, just to take a breather. I turned on some other shows, to take my mind off of all of it, and then I finally turned back to the draft. I turned the draft back on right as the Chiefs were on the clock and then I got a call. My heart just dropped, I was elated. It's kind of surreal being here now. After the draft, I came to Kansas City and have been here ever since.

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