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QB Blaine Gabbert to Start Chiefs' Regular-Season Finale

This will mark Gabbert's first start since 2018

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to face the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, the matchup promises to be more than just a typical regular-season finale. Secure in the AFC's No. 3 playoff seed, the Chiefs are in a unique position. With quarterback Patrick Mahomes taking a well-deserved rest, and veteran quarterback Blaine Gabbert stepping up to lead the team, the Chiefs are looking to leverage this opportunity for growth and preparation.

Gabbert Stepping Up

Veteran quarterback Blaine Gabbert steps into the spotlight, marking his first start of the season. Gabbert, a 13-year NFL veteran, approaches this opportunity with a professional mindset, recognizing the importance of demonstrating the team's depth and readiness for the upcoming playoffs.

"It's a great dry run," he said, underlining the importance of readiness for the playoffs. "Ultimately, the reason we play football is to play in the games, and it's a great opportunity to get more reps under your belt. So, when your number's called, if it is called in the playoffs, we're ready to go.''

Opportunity Knocks for Emerging Talent

Beyond his duties as a quarterback, Blaine Gabbert steps into a mentorship role, guiding young players as they embark on their first significant playing experience. Gabbert, with a blend of wisdom and encouragement, recognizes the unique potential of this game for these rising stars.

"A lot of guys are going to have a great opportunity to go play for the first time, and make a start for the first time," Gabbert observed, underscoring the significance of this game. His message to them: "Have fun, cut loose, and just go play ball."

Praise for the Receivers

This game is potentially a significant platform for young players such as wide receiver Justyn Ross. Gabbert acknowledged Ross' potential, saying, "[Ross] is doing a great job." The young wide receiver's opportunity on Sunday is a key example of the depth and potential within the Chiefs' roster, poised to demonstrate his worth.

Gabbert, looking forward to Sunday's game, conveyed his confidence in the team's receivers, sharing, "I know our receivers are going to do a great job this week and I have full confidence in them."

Kelce's Milestone in Sight

Travis Kelce, the Chiefs' esteemed tight end, stands on the cusp of a remarkable personal milestone. He is just 16 receiving yards shy of securing his eighth-consecutive 1,000-yard season, a feat that would further solidify his already impressive resume.

This potential achievement is set against the backdrop of the team's culture of selflessness and collective success, qualities that Kelce embodies. In Wednesday's press conference, Gabbert humorously acknowledged Kelce's proximity to the milestone.

"I know you're getting at Trav, he's 16 away from 1,000. We all know it," Gabbert said, but he quickly pointed out Kelce's team-centric focus, emphasizing, "But that's not how Trav plays. He wants team success first, and he's always been that way...He may say it doesn't mean anything, but it means something for the quarterback and for this organization to get him that 1,000 yards."

It's unclear if Kelce will play on Sunday, but if he does, Gabbert assured, "If we're out there, we're going to do our best to get him 17 yards."

The Bigger Picture

For the Kansas City Chiefs, every game is an opportunity – a stepping-stone toward greatness. Sunday's matchup against the Chargers is no exception, offering a stage for the team to continue building toward their ultimate goal: postseason success. As the Chiefs step onto the field this Sunday, it's with an eye toward both immediate success and long-term growth. For the Chiefs and their fans, this game is a window into the team's future, showcasing the abilities of both seasoned veterans and rising stars, each bringing their unique strengths to the forefront.