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Six Things We Learned from Andy Reid on Monday 

Reid spoke with the local media for his usual Monday afternoon press conference 

The Kansas City Chiefs (6-1) put together one of their most impressive performances of the season with their 45-10 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals (4-3) on Sunday night at Arrowhead Stadium.

It was a total team effort and every phase contributed to the win.

As per his usual schedule, Chiefs' coach Andy Reid met with the media again on Monday to talk about the game, and here are six things that stood out from that availability.

QUESTION: Did it feel like you turned a little bit of corner defensively with last night's game?

"I didn't say we were turning a corner. I'm saying that I thought we took a step in the right direction there. I think that's important as you go through the year that you keep taking steps forward. In the same way offensively, we've got some things we've got to iron out offensively. We've got some things we've got to keep getting better at defensively."

Context - The Chiefs held the Bengals—the league's No. 6-scoring offense (29.0 ppg) to just 10 points and 237 total yards.

QUESTION: How big was it in moments following the interception and when the kick went out of bounds that the defense was able to pick up other sides of the ball and make stops?

"You've got to be able to do that, not necessarily in a sudden change but in a problem or unexpected position on the field. It probably isn't in your favor and you've got to be able to turn that around. It takes a certain mentality to do that and our guys have done a decent job of the throughout this season. When we needed a stop, we've normally gotten a stop. You can see this throughout the National Football League, teams are scoring, scoring is way up here and you've got to be able to take an offense like that, I think they've got a good offense and they were hot when they came in here, and to be able to shut that down."

Context - The Chiefs forced three-and-outs in each of those situations.

QUESTION: Can you talk about Dorian O'Daniel's ability to limit running backs catching passes out of the backfield and is that something we could see more of from him in the future?

"We've been kind of increasing him as we go here. We've given him more practice reps with it and so on and one of his strengths is that. I think as we go, he'll continue to get more play. He can run is what he can do, and you see that he's a violent tackler."

Context - With the knee injury to Terrance Smith earlier in the game, rookie linebacker Dorian O' Daniel, who had just 10 defensive snaps played through six games, had 25 on Sunday, including one that resulted in a huge hit on Bengals' running back Joe Mixon.

QUESTION: How much does it look like Spencer Ware is back to maybe where he was pre-injury?

"I think that's a good observation. That was a big game for him. He had the injury and it was one of those injuries you are sitting there going 'Is this going to be career ending? Where are we at here?' It was a pretty significant injury. Then he comes back and worked like crazy. He comes back off of it and we have given him play time but nothing like that right there. The yards, we forget the catch he had earlier going the opposite direction there. Those legs got heavy. He was tired. He hadn't had to push himself past that wall. You can go run the hill and go do all those things these guys do. Until you're getting banged on a little bit, then you have to get back in, collect your breath and thoughts and then get out there and go again, he hasn't really had to do that. I thought this was a big game for him working through that."

Context – This was Ware's most extensive action of the season, and he finished with eight carries for 59 yards, adding three receptions for 30 yards as well.

QUESTION: When Daniel Sorensen gets back, where do you think he fits in with this secondary group?

"We will just see when he gets back. Let's see where he is at and how he is moving. We know he can play. He was wearing a lot of different hats there when he was playing. He covered a lot of different areas for us. And at that time, it was an important ingredient to that defense. Let's just see when he gets back and how that rolls. Good problem to have though. I'm not sure exactly the answer for you. I want to see how he is when he gets back in there."

Context – Sorensen was injured during training camp and was subsequently placed on Injured Reserve. He's eligible to start practicing but is unable to play in a game until after this week.

QUESTION: Who do you give credit to for instilling that want to be creative in your play calling?

"I'd probably tell you Mike Holmgren. And I went to BYU. At BYU, we threw the ball every down. That was Coach (LaVell) Edwards' vision. And then Mike Holmgren, he will tell you this, he got me out of the box. I was a line coach and I wanted to be the greatest line coach ever. He said, 'Open your eyes a little bit. Get out of that box and see the big world.' So, I did. He was a creative guy. A brilliant guy."

Context – Reid is known as an offensive genius and got his start in the NFL thanks to Mike Holmgren, who had crossed paths with him back when Reid was a student at BYU. Holmgren gave him an opportunity to coach the OL (and tight ends) with the Packers.