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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid and QB Patrick Mahomes met with the media following Organized Team Activities on Thursday

Head Coach Andy Reid

OPENING STATEMENT: "As far as injuries go, the only new one I guess for you would be Tyreek (Hill), just twisted his ankle a bit, held him out. Other than that, it's the same guys that were on the list before. Everybody is getting better. Not only the guys that were banged up a little bit, but also the guys that aren't, which is important right now to get work done. They've come out here with a great attitude, some of you have seen that. They've stuck around for the practice. Anyways, I've been happy with the progress that we've been making. A lot of room to improve, obviously. But this is a good foundation that you can build here for that next step once we get to training camp."

Q: What have you seen from Mark DeLeone and how specialized can that group get now?

REID: "So the neat thing with that is that you've got three guys that have worked together with Bob (Sutton) and Mike (Smith) and Mark (DeLeone), and they've really attacked that linebacker thing. Splitting it up was good, it's a big job. So splitting it up has worked well. I think Mark has done a heck of a job. He's got some new faces there that he's working with, but he's a good teacher. His dad is a heck of a coach, great character too. So he's kind of grown up with this thing and understands what it takes. I've been happy with what they've done there."

Q: What have been the biggest strides you've seen Patrick Mahomes make that he can take from this spring into training camp?

REID: "Every day he's just a little more comfortable with what we're doing. We're loading him up and he's handling it. He's spent a lot of time away from here and working on it. You can see that with the results when he comes out here. So again, long way to go but you love his attitude."

Q: This was AFC West week for you?

REID: "This was AFC West week, yeah. So we finished up the AFC West today with Denver and then we work one more opponent tomorrow, a common opponent. But we finished up the AFC West."

Q: Did you guys talk to Kareem (Hunt) at all about the possible incident?

REID: "I have visited with him, yeah."

Q: Are you worried about it being an issue?

REID: "I'm not even going to go there. We talked about it and I think we'll just see how things work out here."

Q: You have Travis (Kelce) and Demetrius (Harris) returning – how would you evaluate your current tight end depth given of course there is a suspension week one?

REID: "I like the progress the guys are making. I'm not sure anybody has actually separated themselves from one another but they're all producing out here. I've got to see when we get the pads on just to see that part of it. But they all can catch the ball and run good routes. But there's that other half of it that you can't get done in this camp. So that's going to take a little bit of time."

Q: How involved has Spencer (Ware) been this week with his first week out?

REID: "He's actually been out every day, but without any of his stuff. He's staying on top of it. He's chomping at the bit and this drives him crazy. You know how he's wired. So he wants to do everything, every snap and he just has to make sure he's all right. When we get him to training camp he'll be all good."

Q: So mostly individual?

REID: "Yeah, it was just individual stuff."

Q: Do you expect (Patrick Mahomes) to be a little different in practice than he was a year ago in regards to leadership?

REID: "Yeah, so he came in and he has a little bit of that 'you better be doing the right thing or I'm going to let you know about it,' but he had that last year and he has that this year. It's just a different group of guys that he's doing it with. Last year he was working with the two's and the three's and this year he's working with the one's. But he doesn't pull back in that area. He's going to try to get things right, not only with himself but also with the guys around him and the guys respond to that. He's got a good way about that. But he's not afraid to let you know. Like if that camera is a little crooked he'll tell you."

Q: Have you had leaders that are quiet and lead by example or have you had guys who are more vocal?

REID: "Yeah everybody does it different. I don't ask them, I expect them to lead though. That position, you're supposed to be a leader of men and make everyone around you better. There's different ways of doing it and he's going to do it his way. He'll be different than some of the other guys that I've coached."

Q: What have you seen from Chris Conley physically?

REID: "He's been phenomenal. He's way ahead of where we expected him. We actually backed him down, he was doing so much and we want to get him through this whole thing healthy. He has actually had a very good camp."

Q: Do you now have more of a feel about how you can work Sammy Watkins in?

REID: "Yeah, so we're moving him all over the place and he's handled it. We've overloaded him with that. That's how we do it with this offense. That's something new for him, again you can tell he's a guy that takes it away from here and studies. When we're doing all these different formations, you've got to do that. You just can't get it all when you're here. You've got to go back and you've got to review and he's done that and he's really limited the mistakes for all that we've given him. He's got a great attitude to."

Q: You said you had a good relationship with Jeff Colyer last week – how much did you take away from being at those fundraisers and being around those voters, not related to football?

REID: "That's what they wanted to know about when I was there. I mean I'm not into politics, that's not my deal. I'm a coach, I'm into people and I think he's a good man first of all. I stay out of the politics, the political part of it. And I really just talked about the Chiefs is what I did. It was good to meet some of the local people here and the people of Wichita. I don't get out very often, but it was nice to meet the people that I met. Some great people in this city. Again, normally I'm locked down here, so this was a little unusual for me to get out of the building."

Q: What do you like most about your relationship with Jeff (Colyer)?

REID: "Just the fact, he's a plastic surgeon. I joke that he gave me a tummy tuck about a year ago. No, he really didn't. I know you couldn't tell. But he's a unique individual. All the work he's done overseas and his profession, the medical profession. Normally doctors care about people and he seems to care about people. He seems like a really good man."

Q: Your second-year receivers with (Jehu) Chesson, (Marcus) Kemp and (Gehrig) Dieter – are you seeing a second-year leap with those guys?

REID: "They're working their tail off and they're making progress. Again, let's get through training camp. There's an element of this that is missing. You've got to get up there and get through that. They're doing well out here though. But again, let's get through that thing and see how that goes."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Q: How are you feeling because it seems like every time we talk to you you're feeling more comfortable?

MAHOMES: "Exactly that, I feel really comfortable. Our defense is throwing a lot of stuff out there and for me it's just a learning experience every single day you get out for an OTA or a camp whenever we get to those. For me to learn from our defense and help myself and learn from my mistakes and learn from the success I have is always a good thing."

Q: Sammy Watkins said he's learned from you, so what are you coaching him on?

MAHOMES: "I think just with me, the receivers, the running backs, everybody, the o-line, we always are talking. We're always talking about what they're thinking and they want to know what I'm thinking. So we go through the plays and sometimes we're not on the same page so we want to make sure we're on the same page and that just comes with the day-to-day grind."

Q: What's the next month or so going to be like for you before camp starts?

MAHOMES: "You take that first week and try to get your body right. You have to make sure you go home and see the family and do all of those things, but for me I'm ready. I'm ready to keep going so I'll be working out and I'm sure I'll have a few throwing sessions with the receivers and all that. So I'm just excited to keep rolling."

Q: How do you feel like the offense is progressing with what you've seen during OTAs?

MAHOMES: "I think we're progressing really well. Just from the OTA to now I feel like guys are starting to get on the same page. We're able to almost adjust routes and I'm throwing the ball before because I know and we're on that same page so I'm excited for that. We're going to keep getting better every single day."

Q: Have you changed your demeanor and are you more aggressive working with the offense?

MAHOMES: "I think it's not necessarily that I've changed my demeanor I'm just able to talk a little bit more. This comes with becoming the starting quarterback. You're able to talk to those guys. Like I said, I'm talking to the guys after every single play and we're trying to make sure that we're understanding the play exactly how it's supposed to be ran. In that way I've changed but I feel like demeanor-wise I'm still just trying to grind and get better every single day."

Q: Do you have a secret code to simplify a 15-name play into one word in the huddle?

MAHOMES: "Not necessarily for the most part we're pretty good about knowing what to do. Those guys are studying and getting their stuff down. So if there is a question in the huddle I just have to be the guy to be able to answer that but at the same time a lot of the receivers can help each other out. Open communication throughout the whole offense has been a key thing about us having success on the field."

Q: There was a story about you turning down endorsement deals. Is that something you came upon yourself or is that something you learned from Alex (Smith)?

MAHOMES: "I think just with the people I have in my group and just with the Chiefs and everybody we just kind of made that decision. Then, with me, I just wanted to go in and grind and work and then those things come. Its more about playing football and just trying go out there and win games."

Q: Do you find it difficult during practice to take a little bit off of your arm strength to curb some of the overthrows that we've seen?

MAHOMES: "For a little bit of some part I guess you would say. For me I like to throw it hard and those guys make the catches. We have great receivers who can catch the ball. Overthrows happen and in practice you make mistakes but you just have to learn from those. I'm big on getting into the film room right after and just learning from those mistakes and trying not to make them the next day."

Q: What's been the biggest challenge that you come up with when you watch the film back?

MAHOMES: "I always feel like I didn't do as good as I could have done. That just kind of comes with being a competitor I feel like there's things I left out there. So for me it's about learning from those things and knowing that I can build on those the next day and not getting down on myself and learning and staying positive and keep working."

Q: You said the receivers are constantly talking to each other and helping each other out. How much easier does that make your job as a quarterback?

MAHOMES: "It makes my job way easier. When you have guys that are smart, intelligent guys that have a lot of talent and work hard for me it's all about just getting it to them, run the plays the right way and I put the ball in their hands and they make all of the things happen."

Q: Marcus Kemp, Gehrig Dieter and Jehu Chesson these are second-year guys just like you. How do you feel like the group of you have all grown together and how they've developed?

MAHOMES: "Those guys are guys that work extremely hard. I've gained a lot of respect for them just seeing how they worked this rookie year we had last year and to now. They've taken huge strides and I feel like I'm trying to go with them. As a group and as receivers we're a unit and we're just trying to progress."

Q: Do you feel pretty close? It seems like Gehrig is at every event that you're at?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, we have a great relationship but I have a great relationship with all of those guys. We have a really cool group of receivers. We all communicate, we all have fun together, we mess around, we play video games together. It's something where we kind of built that relationship and it translates on the field."

Q: What's it like to see Spencer Ware back with you guys?

MAHOMES: "It's awesome. You see him every single day. I get here early and he's in here working. He's trying to make sure his body is right. He's trying to get back as fast as possible and to see him and the things he does in the indoor when he's working the trainers. He's grinding and I'm excited for him."

Q: How dynamic can Spencer Ware and Kareem Hunt be this year?

MAHOMES: "I feel like our running back group as a whole is a lot of competition and a lot of good players. I'm excited about them. It seems like every time we run the ball in practice they're getting eight yards. They're guys that are fighting extremely hard to compete and compete and make sure that we have that aspect in our offense."