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What We Learned from Tuesday's Media Availability

David Amerson, Tyreek Hill and Kendall Fuller spoke with the media after practice on Tuesday


Q: How's the acclamation process going with this organization?

AMERSON:"It's been an easy one. I have good teammates, good coaches. It hasn't been much of an adjustment."

Q: What have you learned about what they ask you to do in this defense and about the guys around you?

AMERSON:"I think playing DB here is definitely a challenge and I think just everyone stepping up to the challenge, myself as well as everyone out there. Having an understanding of what has to be done and what's required to play DB here and just taking on the challenge."

Q: Have you learned anything about Sammy Watkins in the month or so you've been practicing?

AMERSON:"He's definitely a veteran. Little moves and little things he does to keep you on your toes as a defensive back. He's just a good player. I think everybody knew that."

Q: Is there something fun about going from the Oakland Raiders to the Kansas City Chiefs?

AMERSON:"I think you stay in the division so you know what to expect from other teams and a little get back at the team that you came from. The main reason for me coming here was I felt like we have a good chance to go deep in the playoffs as well as win the championship and I think that's most people's goal as well as mine."

Q: What is your impression of Patrick Mahomes?

AMERSON:"He's good. I think he's as good as advertised. He definitely makes some plays like 'Oh wow'. I've seen him make some no look throws and all kinds of stuff I've never seen. So you can definitely see the ability and I think the more he grows as a player the more of the greatness we'll see."


Q: How do you feel about the work you have put in as an offense?

HILL: "I feel great. Everything is clicking. Patrick (Mahomes) is looking good. With the addition of Sammy (Watkins), he came in working his tail off. Chris (Conley) is healthy. We got Kareem (Hunt). Everything is going in the right direction right now."

Q: How does it help you when the play breaks down and Patrick is on the move?

HILL: "As a receiver, we love that. The cornerbacks tend to get lazy once the quarterback rolls out of the pocket. There will be even more deep shots for us down the field."

Q: What have you seen from the new secondary guys?

HILL: "They are going to bring that edge. Last week when we were practicing, we were out here competing and talking junk back and forth. It was fun. It brings out more from us as receivers. We love football and we love to compete. We are out here having fun."


Q:Can you feel that there is a difference in this last stretch with mandatory mini-camp?

FULLER:"A little bit, but we've been playing at that same pace, that same energy since the first day of OTAs. I think it definitely has a bit more just because it's the last week, everybody wants to finish up strong. So everybody is out there competing at a high level and nobody wants to leave on a nasty feeling."

Q:How different scheme wise is this for you?

FULLER:"It's not that different at all honestly. A couple different terminologies but really just the same scheme, some of the same language. Doing some of the same things so it's been pretty good."

Q:Have the coaches talked to you about what they wish for your role to be this year on the defense?

FULLER:"I mean right now I'm just doing a little bit of everything. I think that's one thing the scheme kind of does, everybody has to do everything. You don't go in there trying to learn one position. You go in there and learn what the corner is doing, what the nickel is doing, what the safety is doing, the dime and the backers. The way the system is you've got to learn how to do everything."

Q:How did it feel working with Josh Norman and seeing what he does day after day, year after year, help you in your game?

FULLER:"You're just able to pick up bits and pieces from everybody. Even when you're watching film, you're looking at certain guys to see what they do. Being able to look at EB (Eric Berry) seeing how he studies the film and how he practices. Just got to be a student of the game, just watch and soak up any knowledge you can."