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NFL Officials Stop by Camp to Educate Coaches, Players, and Media on New Rules

There’s a lot of “new” when it comes to rules this year

There are several new rules and a few "points of emphasis" that the NFL has adopted and made a focus heading into the 2018 season.

Some that have garnered the most attention surround helmet to helmet hits, changes to the kickoff and kickoff return plays, as well as revamped language to the catch rule, among other things.

Over the last few days, Bill Vinovich, who has worked in the NFL for 18 years (13 as a head referee), and his crew have been at Kansas City Chiefs training camp.

They were out on the field at practice and were enforcing the new rules during each of the periods of practice. They would speak with the players and coaches about what they're enforcing and would answer their questions in the moment about why they may have made a particular call.

It's something they do every year and it's always beneficial for both sides.

On Saturday afternoon following the practice, however, Vinovich also took the time to meet with the local media and answer their questions about the new rule changes.

During the presentation (and Q&A), Vinovich showed a video that was provided by the NFL that really gets in depth about the new rules and the "points of emphasis" this season.

For those who are interested, here's the video that was shown, which includes specific plays from last year that moving forward will no longer be considered "legal" hits, or catches, and vice versa.

Vinovich also took the time to state—in simple terms—what the new helmet to helmet hit rule means, what a catch is this year, and how important this time of the year is to both parties understanding what's going to take place this upcoming season.

It's going to be an adjustment for everyone as these new rules and their enforcement take some time and getting used to, but the spirit of the new rules and why they're being implemented is something that has come from a lot of work, due diligence, and dialogue.

But there's also zero doubt that the magnitude and scope of the new rule changes will lead to significant changes to what takes place on the field this fall.