Front Office and Staff

Chairman and CEO - Clark Hunt

President - Mark Donovan

General Manager - John Dorsey

Head Coach - Andy Reid

Football Operations

Executive Assistant to the President - Beth Costante

Director of Football Administration - Trip MacCracken

Co-Director of Player Personnel - Mike Borgonzi, Brett Veach

Player Personnel Assistant - Dan Zegers

Salary Cap Analyst - Brandt Tilis

Football Operations Manager - Mitchell Reynolds

Football Operations Assistant - Spencer Williams

Head Athletic Trainer - Rick Burkholder

Assistant Trainer - Aaron Borgmann, Evan Craft, David Glover, Tiffany Morton

Equipment Manager - Allen Wright

Assistant Equipment Manager - Chris Shropshire, Kyle Crumbaugh, Cale Kirby

Director of Video Operations - Pat Brazil

Assistant Director of Video Operations - Ken Radino

Video Assistant - Colin Clark, Josh Schmidt

Director of Pro Scouting - Will Lewis

Director of College Scouting - Marvin Allen

Southeast Area Scout - Ryne Nutt

Northeast Scout - Matt Donahoe

Midwest Scout - Jason Lamb

Area Scout - Willie Davis, Terry Delp, Trey Koziol, Pat Sperduto

College Coordinator - Ryan Poles

Pro Scouting Assistant - Randy Ball


Vice President of Administration - Kirsten Krug

Human Resources Coordinator - Carolyn Messick

Player Engagement

Manager of Player Engagement - BJ Stabler

Player Engagement Coordinator - Ramzee Robinson

Business Operations

Senior Vice President of Business Operations - Bill Chapin

Director of Foundation and Development - Anne Scharf

Project Coordinator - Chad Carson

Creative Services and Brand Manager - Jordan Giesler

Cheerleader Director - Stephanie Judah

Marketing Manager - Dana Witt Fulks

Marketing and Foundation Coordinator - Jackson DeLay

Mascot Coordinator - Dan Meers

Media and Production

Senior Producer of Broadcast and Media – Adam Pellegrino

Senior Producer of Game and Event Entertainment - Brad Young

Lead Producer – Kevin Brebner, Brock Raum

Producer - Evan Miller, Dane Van Why, Steven Small

Digital Media and Strategy

Director of Digital Media - James Royer

Chiefs Reporter - BJ Kissel

Chiefs Reporter - Pete Sweeney

Digital Media Coordinator - Nathan Brunzie

Team Photographer - Steve Sanders

Community Outreach

Director of Community Outreach - Chuck Castellano

Manager of Community Outreach - Georgia David

Community Outreach Assistant and Project Coordinator - Tim McMaster

Sports Lab Coordinator - Andrew Smitka

Red Coater Coordinator - Melissa Nicholson


Vice President of Communications - Ted Crews

Director of Football Communications - Brad Gee

Corporate Communications Manager - Luke Shanno

Communications Coordinator - Cydney Ricker

Football Communications Assistant - Simon Noel


Chief Financial Officer - Dan Crumb

Controller - Brian Dunn

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis - Michael Ragsdale

Financial Analyst - Jeff White

Accounting Manager - Sherri Lathrop

Accounts Payable Assistant - Kim Rutter

Staff Accountant - Bobby Adamson

Payroll/Accounting Coordinator - Lisa Mehrer

Payroll Manager - Kristin Conlon

Executive Assistant to the CFO - Laura Wolfe

Special Projects - Dave Felsen

Information Systems

Senior Project Manager - Mark Williams

Lead Application Developer - Brent Barnes

Systems Manager - Justin Johnson

Network Architect - Scott Fletcher

IT Help Desk Tier 3 - Jeremy Armstrong

Desktop Support Analyst - Patrick Martin

Sales and Marketing

Vice President of Business Development - Tyler Epp

Director of Service & Activation - Kellen Begnoche

Director of Business Development - Justin Ricklefs

Manager of Partnership Development - Ryan McCoy, Will Patterson

Partnership Activation Coordinator - Chris Stathos, Brandon Ramos, Molly Sjurson

Coordinator, Business Analytics - Armaan Ahluwalia

Director of Ticket Sales and Operations - Tyler Kirby

Director of Ticket Operations - Justin Sauser

Ticket Operations Manager - Mark Nacpil

Ticket Operations Coordinator - Lori Young, Travis Wegener

Manager of Ticket Sales - Darren Adams

Sr. Account Executive - Matt Montgomery

Account Executive - Sam Cruse, Sam Gehling

Ticket Sales Representative - Jake Cuevas, John Meissner, Eric Short, Keith Alexander, Chris Oldenburg

Group Sales Manager – Kurt Whitlow

Group Sales Account Executive - Ray Jordan, Trey Zartman

Group Sales Representative - David Bronson

Director of Suite Sales - Anthony Matthies

Suite Sales Manager - Derek Schlesinger

Suite Services Coordinator - Molly Brown, RyAnne Ridge

Business Development Coordinator - Claire Prather

Stadium Operations

Director of Special Events - Gary Spani

Director of Marketing and Event Acquisition - Jeremy Slavens

Director of Facilities - Brandon Hamilton

Assistant Groundskeeper - Scott Martin, Doug Schallenberg

Grounds Keeping Staff - Travis Hogan, Terry Lee

Landscape & Field Maintenance - Benjamin Kraemer

Stadium Services Manager - Rocco Mazzella

Conversion and Cleaning Supervisor - Brian Paterson

Stadium Services Supervisor - Garrett Wittmaier

Operations Staff - Jack Bagby, Gary Cooper, Rosa Dobson, Don Edmondson, Jim Heard, Doug Morgan, AJ Shelton, Don Shook, Marc Sparks, Danny Thoman, Shane Vittengl, Steve Wilson, Steve Roe, Brian Hoover, David Finkemeir, Sean Glassburn, Steve Pierce

Stadium Systems Manager - Frank Mannino

HVAC Technician - Joseph Defrees

Plumber - John Franiuk

Skilled Maintenance - John Bishop

Utility Maintenance - Peter Davis

Director of Fan Experience - Jayne Martin

Fan Experience Representative - Carly Brandt, Xochitl Glaser, Charli McCord

Sr Parking Operations and Logistics Coordinator - Ryan Smart

Receptionist - Cyndi Sloan

Event Sales Manager - Kim Kruse

Event Services Manager - Travis Baker

Events Manager - Samantha Sandelli

Event Coordinator - Ashley Steele, Dan Robinson

Event Services Labor Coordinator - Jessica Boesche

Team Security Manager - Brian Shafar

Team Security Supervisor - Ryan Gilbreth

Manager of Safety and Event Security - Jeff Vogel

Assistant Manager of Safety and Event Security - Colby Harrison

Security Officer - Ray Bolen, Marty Brashear, Richard Cox Jr., Mark Robertson, Randy Spearman, Bryan Scott, Steve Weissman

Courier - Brian Sloan

Project Cost Coordinator - Tonya Idel