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Since the age of the locomotive, Kansas City has been a crossroads of imagination. In 1972, the aesthetic footprint of mid-America was elevated with the building of Arrowhead Stadium. American sports pioneer Lamar Hunt built an architectural masterpiece that has become a cultural icon in the region. A work of art in its own right, Arrowhead's tradition of design and ingenuity continues today.

So much a piece of the cultural fabric that is Kansas City, Arrowhead Stadium underwent a massive renovation in 2010 while many of its decades-old stadium counterparts were being deemed obsolete. This revitalization not only maintained the beautiful architectural styling of the original design, but also introduced new opportunities and avenues for the organization to offer programs that engage the community year-round.

As part of these efforts, the Hunt family and the Kansas City Chiefs introduced plans to install an art collection at Arrowhead Stadium. The program is designed to celebrate regional art while providing educational opportunities and engaging the community in a way that touches individuals of all ages and walks of life. Sharron Hunt, a member of the founding family of the Chiefs and Lamar Hunt's only daughter, serves as Chairwoman of the program.

A call for artists was issued to the surrounding region including Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma and Arkansas, inviting interested artists to submit examples of their work to be considered for inclusion in the Arrowhead Art Collection. A committee made up of representatives from the Chiefs and leading members of the Kansas City business and arts communities, has reviewed the submissions and assembled a world-class collection of artwork.

Thirty-seven pieces of art have been installed to date and plans are underway for additional installations. The Chiefs have introduced an educational program that will give children ages 8-12 the opportunity to visit Arrowhead and learn about art with a curriculum that mirrors the Common Core standards in both Missouri and Kansas.

The Hunt Family would like to express sincere gratitude to the Kansas City Chiefs Arts Council for their invaluable contributions to the Arrowhead Art Collection:

Dr. Jacqueline Chanda - Former President, Kansas City Art Institute
Dr. Mary Cohen - Chair, Barton & Mary D. Cohen Charitable Trust
Dr. Catherine Futter - Director of Curatorial Affairs, Nelson-Atkins Museum
Jan Leonard - SVP & managing director of Fine Art Management Services, UMB Bank
Barbara O'Brien - Former Executive Director, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Julián Zugazagoitia - Director and CEO, Nelson-Atkins Museum

Also a special thanks to Paul Dorrell, for his tremendous insights and support in the development of the Arrowhead Art Collection.

Tours of the Arrowhead Art Collection are available by reservation.