Chiefs Cheerleader Workshop

The 2013 Chiefs Cheerleader tryouts are right around the corner!

Ladies preparing for their chance to be a 2013 Chiefs Cheerleader gathered at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex on Friday evening on February 1st for the third workshop of the year.

The workshops provide an overview of what to expect during auditions but in a laid back, educational environment.  

"I want these ladies to learn but also to enjoy themselves," Stephanie Judah, Chiefs Cheerleader Director explained. "Audition processes do not have to be scary. They can help candidates understand the role of a Chiefs Cheerleader as well as what areas to work on prior to auditions. We hold four workshops. These workshops are designed to help the women understand all aspects of being a Chiefs Cheerleader."

To educate the candidates on all the aspects of being a Chiefs Cheerleader each workshop provides the women with a chance to choose two of three informative groups. The groups are different at every workshop and include communication skills, glamour tips, modeling/runway, NFL/football knowledge, fitness, dance technique and dance performance.

"Breaking out into different groups gives the girls more information about being a Chiefs Cheerleader," 2012 Chiefs Cheerleader Cricket commented. "It's very valuable to attend the workshops. If they didn't provide these workshops you would go in blinded and have no idea what to expect. You learn a lot while you're here, including the performances, the styles of dance and communication skills. I would highly advise girls who are trying out to attend these workshops."

There are two roles within the Chiefs Cheerleaders team: Field Cheerleaders and Ambassador Cheerleaders. (Photo gallery)

Women interested in auditioning for the Ambassador position only will also benefit from the workshops.

"The workshops also provide the opportunity to talk with the 2013 Ambassadors if they are interested in trying out for the Ambassador position," Cricket noted. "The Ambassador participate in appearances and promotional events during the game, practice twice a month and have strong communication skills. Ambassadors are also in the calendar and the squad poster however, we do not cheer or dance on the field during the games."

Whether you are interested in auditioning for the Field position or the Ambassador position, attending the workshops and taking the chance to try is most important.

"My advice for any candidate is to just simply try," Judah said. "I tell them constantly, what if this is your year. You will never know if you don't try. I think that it's a valuable life lesson, and there is nothing to lose but everything to gain."

There are women who have tried and haven't made it one year, but because they didn't give up and tried again, have had the opportunity to be a Chiefs Cheerleader.

"I actually tried out once and didn't make the team and then my second year I tried out again and made it," Cricket explained. "So, during the workshop I advised some of the girls to keep trying and really open up while here. It is nerve wracking at first but meet the girls you are auditioning with, loosen up and take it all in. Don't let those nerves take a hold of you and not let you enjoy the experience."

Judah encourages all women to pursue their goals and not let nerves or fear dictate decisions.

"We tend to let our fears and self-doubts take over our dreams," Judah noted. "So I want to encourage women to follow their dreams and maybe step out of their comfort zone. I am looking for the right 33 women and this could be an exciting year for them but they have to audition to find out."

The 2013 Chiefs Cheerleader auditions are February 22nd-24th at Arrowhead Stadium. Registration is already open and candidates should plan on attending the audition clinic on February 16th. Audition clinics are similar to the workshops, however attendance is required.

"The audition clinic held on February 16th is the mandatory part," Judah commented. "This is where we will teach all the material that our candidates will perform at the auditions. We will also walk them through the audition weekend, details, etc. Like the workshops, we try to keep in fun and light."

If interested in becoming a 2013 Chiefs Cheerleader there is one workshop left on February 8th at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex from 6:30-10 p.m. Audition clinics begin the following week on February 16th. There are two clinics, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Candidates are required to attend one clinic but are allowed to attend both.

"It's hard stepping through those doors," Judah admitted. "But if you do, you won't regret it!"

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