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Chiefs Cheerleader Krystal's Experience at the Pro Bowl

Krystal represented the Chiefs in Phoenix during the Pro Bowl

Each year, one Chiefs Cheerleader is selected to represent the organization at the Pro Bowl. This year was eighth year veteran, Krystal.

Krystal is a software architect for a healthcare IT company and is a graduate of the University of Richmond. She grew up in El Paso, TX and both of her parents were in the military.

Recently, I spoke with Krystal to hear more about her trip to the 2015 Pro Bowl. Take a look at the recap of her five day adventure in Arizona.

The best cheerleaders in the NFL including our own Krystal from Chiefs Cheer at the 2015 Pro Bowl.

Day 1Truly an exciting day! I left Kansas City bright and early that morning to travel to Phoenix, AZ. Once I arrived, I met my first Pro Bowl sister, Natalie from the Indianapolis Colts. She was fantastic and extremely nice.

From the airport, we began our Pro Bowl journey. We made our way to the hotel and were greeted by the hotel staff performing a flash mob in their lobby. What an amazing environment to walk into! 

My roommates were Alice from Atlanta Falcons (who I also went to Japan with earlier last year for a Military Super Bowl Tour) and Michelle from the Oakland Raiders.

That evening we attended the welcome dinner, whcih was our official event together as a team where we got to meet everyone including the Pro Bowl Cheer directors, Ron, Maria, and Kristen. It was an evening filled with ice-breakers and letting down our guard to get to know each other quickly as we only had a few days to gel as a team.

Day 2The next day started early with our Pro Bowl poster shoot! This was the day where we all got to see each other decked out in our full uniform representing our perspective teams

The neat thing about the photo shoot was that the poster was shot on top of a mountain. It was very windy that day and a little chilly for Phoenix, but each of us were focused to get a great shot.

After shooting the poster, we got to film our introduction video for the game.  This video was played at the Pro Bowl later that week and it was such a proud moment for me to say, "Krystal, Kansas City Chiefs!" 

The day wrapped up with a six hour practice where we got to perform and clean up the material that we learned in the weeks leading up to the trip. At the practice, we also learned our pre-game routine. Plus, we each got a mini solo when we were introduced during the video.

Towards the end of our practice, we had our version of a "draft" for the teams we would be cheering for. I had my fingers crossed the whole time, hoping to get picked to cheer for Team Carter because the night before, I heard our four Chiefs players were all picked to play on Team Carter. It only seemed right that I would cheer on that team as well. The moment came where my cheer group was up and with luck we got drafted for Team Carter. As soon as I heard "Team Carter" I jumped up and cheered so loud. I was beyond thrilled to be on Team Carter to cheer on our Chiefs players. It would have been weird to cheer against them.

The Kansas City Chiefs selected on cheerleader to represent the team at the 2015 Pro Bowl.

Day 3We began Day 3 with a field practice at the stadium. The interesting thing about the University of Phoenix at Arizona Stadium was that it is an open dome stadium with a rolling live grass field. It was the neatest thing to see the field roll into the stadium from outside

After practice, I was blessed to participate in a youth clinic for children with Down syndrome. It was a fantastic event where we got to really meet community members and teach their loved ones a few cheers and dances. I was beyond amazed by how each of us Pro Bowl Cheerleaders came together and taught the clinic as if we have been working together for years.

Day 4On Day 4, we were all sent out to do various appearances around the community.  I was extremely excited to go out into the community and show them what Kansas City is all about. I was hoping to run into some KC fans as well.

I began with a quick meet and greet with fans at the Team Carter morning practice. Then we visited the stadium for a field walk-through. Following the field walk-thru, I had another appearance, which was a meet and greet at the NFL Experience. The NFL Experience three floors of NFL activities, including Play 60 games for the kids, a locker room display of each team, autograph signings and more.

When we entered the locker room display, the Kansas City Chiefs locker was that of Eric Berry and read Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Berry. It was incredible.

Day 5GAME DAY! It was finally here!

It was a little strange, because of the 8 years I have been cheering, this would be the first time that I wouldn't be cheering next to my teammates. However, it was so riveting and exciting, because it was a complete brand new experience for me and I wanted to represent the Kansas City Chiefs to the fullest at the game. The Chiefs Cheerleaders are always full of energy, with high kicks, heels never touch the ground and I wanted to bring that to this Pro Bowl game.

The game was the fastest game of my cheer career, but it was so much fun to cheer next to my new cheer sisters who I bonded with so quickly on the trip. I loved every minute I saw a Chiefs fan in the stands; loved that our fans so passionately represented the Chiefs Kingdom!

The field experience of meeting Jordin Sparks, who sang the national anthem to doing our game action on the sidelines and representing Chiefs Kingdom to performing with my Pro Bowl line sisters was just extremely surreal. 


After the game, we all had one big late dinner together and just took time to cherish the friendships that each of us made during the five days we were together.  

One of the best part about this experience was that my parents were able to travel down to see me perform at the game. I am so thankful for all the support they have given me throughout my Chiefs journey and it means the world to me that they are able to share this UNBELIEVABLE experience with me.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would cheer at the Pro Bowl. To cheer in a sold out stadium and see Chiefs fans in the stands was a true blessing. I had the time of my life.

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