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Chiefs Cheerleaders in London

The Chiefs Cheerleaders traveled to London for the Super Bowl

The Chiefs Cheerleaders spent time across the pond this weekend, to celebrate the Super Bowl with UK fans at the NFL Super Bash. Twelve cheerleaders traveled to London and performed at various events during the week, including a premiere club soccer match. They also did radio interviews, toured the city and visited Wembley Stadium.

"We were thrilled for the opportunity to visit London and be a part of the NFL's Super Bash," Stephanie Judah, Chiefs Cheerleader Director, said. "We had an amazing experience exploring the city, taking in the culture, meeting NFL fans and performing at a soccer match and the NFL's Super Bash. It was a great time and we are so thankful for the opportunity."

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Day One: The group arrived in London and immediately headed to the NFL's UK office. Each cheerleader had a one-on-one interview to give more information about themselves and their trip to London. Following the interviews, they enjoyed a few delicacies of London as they taste tested all kinds of famous dishes.

Day Two: The group visited Talksport Radio Station as guests on the morning show. The girls discussed the Chiefs upcoming trip to London in November and touched on their passion for the organization and the support of the Chiefs Kingdom.

They had some laughs as well, when they played a trivia game called 'CheerLeader or CheerLiar.' The girls would describe a dance move and the radio hosts, Alan and Mickey, would have to decide if they were telling the truth or fibbing.

Following the radio appearance, the girls headed to Wembley Stadium. They toured the stadium and filmed some promotional commercials and photos for the upcoming Chiefs game. The girls were astounded by the stadium and since all the seats are red, they were reminded of Arrowhead Stadium and the "sea of red."


Day Three: On Saturday, the cheerleaders were invited to the West Bromwich Albion vs. Tottenham Hotspur match at Hawthorns Stadium. The cheerleaders formed a 'guard of honour' for the players as they made their way onto the pitch and then they performed at halftime. They also presented the team with a Chiefs football.

"The environment was amazing," Judah explained. "The fans were singing and chanting the entire game, even with no music. It was wild. We were so glad we were able to experience it and be a part of it."

Day Four: Sunday morning the girls were able to take in the sights and show off their Chiefs Kingdom pride. They visited Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Tower as they took the Red Bus Tour around town.  


That evening, the girls arrived at the NFL's Super Bash where there were over 2,000 UK NFL fans in attendance to celebrate the Super Bowl. The cheerleaders signed autographs, met fans, handed out posters and performed at pre-game and halftime.

"It was such an incredible experience and an amazing trip to London," Judah noted. "It was an honor to perform at the NFL Super Bash and watch the Super Bowl with all the fans. We even met some Chiefs fan; it was great to see that the Chiefs Kingdom truly knows no bounds. We can't wait to visit again in November and cheer on our Chiefs."

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