Top 5 Headlines 10/9: Hemingway Solid on Third Down

Posted Oct 9, 2014

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1. Chiefs’ Hemingway is always in the right place at the right time

Chiefs wide receiver Junior Hemingway couldn’t believe how open he was last Sunday in San Francisco.

Not once, not twice, but three of the four times Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith targeted Hemingway, there wasn’t a 49ers defender close to him.”    READ MORE…

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2. A look at each of the Chiefs' eight rookies

With the Kansas City Chiefs five games into their season and on their bye week, it’s a good time to check in on each of the eight rookies on their active roster.

LB Dee Ford, first round: Ford has played little this season and mostly on passing downs. His signature play from the season happened last week, when he retreated from Frank Gore like the ball-carrying San Francisco 49ers runner was on fire. We’re going to give Ford the benefit of the doubt on that one, that he didn’t know that Gore had the ball and was headed for what he believed to be other responsibilities. But even on running plays when he wasn’t fooled, Ford hasn’t played well. He also has looked lost in pass coverage. These things are to be expected from a player making the transition from a college defensive end. Ford does have pass-rush skills and could be of use to the Chiefs in getting after the quarterback as the season wears on. It will probably be at least until 2015 that the Chiefs can count on him to be an every-down player.”    READ MORE…

3. Power Rankings: No. 19 Kansas City Chiefs

For losing on the road last week to the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs dropped five spots to No. 19 in this week’s ESPN NFL Power Rankings.

That’s harsh treatment. The Chiefs were ahead for a good portion of the game, including at the start of the fourth quarter. They had a chance to win until Alex Smith's final pass was intercepted with about two minutes remaining. And this against the 49ers, a team ranked seventh.”    READ MORE…

4. Injuries have turned Chiefs' special teams from a weapon into a giant enigma

So the blame lies with The Man Upstairs and Andy Reid, in that order. Or reverse it, if that's how you prefer to view things.

"Anytime somebody goes down, you bring those core guys up to your offense and defense," was how Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs' coach, described the roller-coaster ride that has been his special teams units through the season's first five weeks. "And so Dave (Toub, special teams coordinator) has got guys that we're piecemealing in there. And then the continuity is huge on special teams; we start that in the OTAs." ”    READ MORE…

5. Lamar Hunt: Age Catches Up

As the 60’s turned into the ‘70s and the merger between the AFL and NFL became a reality, the struggles appeared over for the Chiefs. Kansas City could be proud of its status as one of professional football’s finest organizations with passionate fans the equal to any found at longer running NFL franchises.

But even as memories of the victory in Super Bowl IV were still fresh in everyone’s mind - a fact that even the disappointment of the Christmas Day playoff loss to Miami in the longest game ever played couldn’t dampen -- age was catching up to the players Kansas Citians had fallen in love with. ”    READ MORE…

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