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10 Takeaways from Monday's Media Availability

Head coach Andy Reid addressed the media after Sunday's win against Denver

Injury Update: CB Tyvon Branch suffered a foot injury during Sunday's game and is receiving treatment. DL Allen Bailey (calf), OL Ben Grubbs (neck) and TE James O'Shaughnessy (foot) were ruled out for Sunday.

Head coach Andy Reid

Reid began by acknowledging friend and longtime University of Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel and his decision to step down from Mizzou. Pinkel was diagnosed with lymphoma in May of 2015.

"I just want to put a quick shout out to Gary Pinkel for all of the great work he's done at the University of Missouri," Reid said. "I've gotten to know him a little bit here and he's a good man. He's fighting the fight here, but I know good things will happen for him. He's done a tremendous job there, but he's also a good guy and that's important in this business."

Reid discussed the 29-13 Chiefs victory over the Denver Broncos.

"As far as the game goes, it was a good win for our team against a good football team," Reid said. "It will be analyzed backward and forward on this or that, but bottom line is this was the Denver Broncos against the Kansas City Chiefs and was a heck of a football game. We respect them, and at the same time, that's part of what makes a win a good win.

"We know that we have plenty of room to improve, which we'll need to do here as we go forward. All three phases had some positives yesterday and did some good things. I would start with the offensive and defensive lines. Normally if you have success, those groups have done well. I thought they did well yesterday for the most part, then things followed from there. Coordinators I thought had great game plans, all three of them, and the players I thought executed well. They came out with a lot of fire and kind of took the fight to them, which was important against that crew. That crew has a tendency to play through the whistle and do their thing, but I thought our guys handled that very well."

Reid characterized Sunday's division rivalry game as a showing of physical, "hard-nose football."

"There's going to be sore bodies on each team from that game; it was a physical game. People are going to say things—I understand that. That's how things roll. Bottom line is you win the game and you do it within the rules."

"I think [the attitude] comes from the players. Nobody wants to be pushed around or whatever, so you take a lot of pride in what you do. We're fortunate where in our business we have an opportunity to look at video and see things that go on and you don't want them to happen to you. We had some incidents in the last game that we played them that we saw firsthand. Within the whistle, within the rules, you want to make sure that you don't allow those things to happen. I thought the officials did a good job with it, too."

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin displayed his toughness during those physical moments in Sunday's game.

"Maclin's a feisty guy, a confident guy," Reid said. "That part could carry over to other people. He's going to play hard—you saw it in his blocking yesterday. Not just the one where 43 (T.J. Ward) got ejected from the game, but on some of the other plays you saw him downfield blocking people. That's how he rolls; he's going to play the whole play and play it aggressive, tough. He's not going to back down from anybody."

Kansas City's only personal foul in the game came on an unnecessary roughness call on offensive lineman Jah Reid.

"We appreciate the effort, but I didn't think he needed the extra part of it," Reid said. "He did a great job, he didn't need to do that. It was early in the game and that was the frame of mind the guys were in. But there's a point where you have to be smart with that. Those things can disrupt drives. You can still play good, physical football without that. At that point they were having a hard time stopping us so if you're going to stop yourself, you don't want that to happen."

Chiefs running back Charcandrick West scored two touchdowns on Sunday including one on an 80-yard reception across the field.

"He can scoot," Reid said. "He does take like twice as many steps, but he can scoot. He's got those little, short legs. But he can go and we knew that. He hadn't had that opportunity to do that, but you got to see it there."

Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos made 5 of 6 field goal attempts to help lift the Chiefs to victory over the Broncos.

"I think he's gotten stronger, just physically stronger," Reid said. "And then he's very relaxed through the kick. You have to stay on top of that. We're just a little over halfway through the season, so you've got to keep that rhythm going and maintain it. That's half of the challenge there.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith seemed more comfortable in the pocket than he has all year and Reid believes it's due to his teammates.

"I think he's playing well," Reid said. "It might just be the confidence in the guys around him. Jeremy was new and you think back and really Jason Avant hadn't been with us that long. The rest of them are young guys so just pick and choose the remaining three there. They're all young guys so the more reps you get with them, the better. This is really Kelce's first year of being a starter. It's important for a quarterback to in a split second have the confidence that you're going to be where you're going to be against that coverage on that particular route. I think we'll get there with that."

Reid explained why RB Knile Davis was inactive on Sunday.

"We haven't lost confidence in Knile," Reid said. "The way it works is those guys are working in on special teams and Haakim and Ware both have a bigger role than what Knile had. I was just doing the returning then we felt 13 (De'Anthony Thomas) could do that, too. So we were kind of rotating that spot. That's kind of what it came down to, literally.

"He's a young guy, he's learning and he's got a lot of good days ahead of him. This isn't the end of the road for Knile at all."

And as with any good win, Reid believes the momentum from the game against the Broncos will carry into next Sunday in the next division matchup with San Diego.

"I felt like we've taken it up a notch there for whatever reason there is," Reid said. "I think this was much different, other than the opponent. You're talking about the No. 1 defense in the National Football League, you're talking about a future Hall of Fame quarterback. These are good players and a good football team so it's important that you do it against that kind of a team, too. And I thought our guys did that."

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