12 Things We Learned From Andy Reid on Tuesday

Andy Reid spoke to the media Tuesday

Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement: "Let me throw you a couple names here. Guys that did not practice today. They were really not hurt, we were just backing them off and resting them: Justin Houston and Derrick Johnson. One injury would be (Ashton) Lampkin. Sunday he tweaked his knee and it ended up being a torn ACL. He will have surgery on that. We will give you times and everything like that when it gets figured out. When and where and the results and all of that. Other than that, I mentioned to you that the twos will be going in this game. I will give it to you by quarterbacks again. Patrick (Mahomes) will take the first group. He will go a half and then Tyler (Bray) the second group and Joel (Stave) the third group, so they will each get a quarter in the second half."

Q: Can you speak about your new linebacker, Reggie Ragland?

Reid: "So Reggie was obviously a great player at Alabama. He got hurt last year, but things were on the up and up for him last year. Everyone had really positive reports and Brett (Veach) did all of the homework on that and talking to the people. We look forward to bringing him on board and seeing how things work out for him."

Q: Where was he on your draft board last year?

Reid: "He was up there pretty high."

Q: What sort of timeline do you have for him?

Reid: "We will just see. He is coming off of an ACL, so we are just going to see where he is physically. I do not think he is all the way back from that, so we will work him, although he has played. He has played in these games. Then let him get caught up on the defense. Some of it might be carryover. We have not had a chance to meet with him. Some of it might be carryover just in the fact that he was with Buffalo last year and the whole Rex deal. So Rex's defense and Bob's defense are similar."

Q: Is there a place for a thumper at inside linebacker in today's NFL?

Reid: "It is good to be a thumper, but I would tell you that he could probably handle three down. That was what he was coming out."

Q: Is there a different dynamic for Patrick for starting a game?

Reid: "It is another step forward and an opportunity to see how he handles it and to continue to grow. I think it is a win-win from this standpoint. A chance, right? A chance to get in the game as a starter and put that one under your belt, that you have done it."

Q: I am sure he will play both spots, but physically does he profile more as a MIKE guy (Ragland)?

Reid: "Yeah he is a MIKE linebacker guy. Big guy."

Q: Will Kareem Hunt play very much?

Reid: "He probably won't play much, if any."

Q: You are obviously giving him a lot as a rookie back. Is that uncommon this early in a guy's career that you would do that and ask this of a rookie?

Reid: "Yeah, I have had some rookies that have played for me and I'm okay. As long as they come in and learn, he did that. He has handled himself the right way. We feel like he can handle it."

Q: How is Cairo Santos doing?

Reid: "So Cairo came back. He had a big kicking day on Sunday. It worked out real well for him. He felt good. There is a chance he does field goals in this game. (He) won't do kickoffs. We will use (Sam) Ficken for that, but he will have an opportunity, potentially, to kick some field goals. We just have to see how he does in warmups."

Q: You still feel good about him for next week though?

Reid: "Yeah, I think so. Well let's just see how he goes."

Q: Cuts are coming up. Do you have it in your mind? What are you looking for in this game?

Reid: "So this gives guys an opportunity. That is what I told the team. I think it is awesome. First of all I think it is great for the fans because they get to see a very highly competitive game because these guys are trying to make your club. There is enough to where they are not just trying to survive. They are actually being able to go out there and play. There are guys that will play in this game that are border making the team, not making the team, that will have a chance here to show."

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