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12 Things We Learned from Chiefs GM John Dorsey's Conference Call

Dorsey spoke about the Chiefs' 2015 NFL Draft on Monday

Here's everything you need to know about Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey's conference call on Monday morning.

Dorsey said he feels good after the draft

"I do think we're better. I think as we go into St. Joseph now (training camp), I think that we have a team that can compete. We can compete in the AFC West and that's all you can ask for. I think we've created depth. We've created competition at roster spots and in this position now, everybody's going to feel good in the National Football League, but you know what? I feel pretty good too."

Dorsey said the Chiefs' success in free agency allowed their draft plan to take shape

"I think we identified and acquired some players (in free agency) that we feel helped us move forward and that laid some groundwork with regards to the draft, which is basically the second phase of this process."

Dorsey credits personnel staff for correctly setting up their draft board

"The way that board peeled off truly was a credit to the organization and the scouting department for getting that thing right. You all think I'm fooling you here, but that thing peeled off the way it was supposed to peel off and that's a tribute to the guys in that room that put in all those hours of hard work and days of hard work."

Dorsey spoke about sixth-round pick, Rakeem Nunez-Roches


"I think he gives you depth at that defensive line position. He probably align as a one-technique, a three-technique. I think once you get him into camp and watch him move, he can hold up on the run, but he's also quick enough off the ball and strong enough when you think that you know what? He can play a little bit of three. He has some flexibility to play three and nose."

Dorsey spoke on the two inside linebackers, Ramik Wilson and D.J. Alexander

"I think the one thing we like to do is we like to try to see if we can get some speed at that position. The game has changed a little bit. I think the one thing that these guys can do is they can run to the football, which is good. I think they have a really nice feel for the position. They understand the passing components of the game, but they're also physical enough where they can stack inside on the running game.

"I think they also add and help Dave Toub in the special teams compartment of the team. Again, not only does that help give you depth, but it also gives you a guy who can play special teams as Dave likes to say, in four phases, and can run a little bit."

Dorsey talked about how veterans set the standard

"It starts with the veteran leadership of the players. It comes to a point where I've seen all good teams—I've seen this. I've seen the good teams, those veterans' presence, they say OK, here's our standard and then basically, they challenge the young guys to get up to speed as quickly as they possibly can to understand what the goal and task is. The goal is to capture the AFC West, to be competitive to go in the playoffs; you have to have that type of mindset."

Dorsey talked about the culture of the Chiefs' locker room

"They buy into the family aspect that we talk about. They buy into we're all in this thing together. I think young guys begin to see that, feel that, understand the urgency that's at stake and then all of a sudden you have the coaches that instill this and teach this every day."

Dorsey won't announce UDFAs until pen is on paper

"Until I get a signed contract from an individual, I told Ted [Crews] I won't release anything until I get some signed contracts and maybe I'm old school a little bit, but I get a little nervous until I've seen that document signed."

Dorsey spoke about sixth-round pick, tight end James O'Shaughnessy

"I think James O'Shaughnessy gives you depth. I think he fits what we're doing. I think he can catch the football. I think he's going to develop and get bigger physically. I think he has nice run skills with the ball in his hands. The component that you probably don't see as much as you should is the special teams aspect of his play. He's a really good special team's player."

In the draft room while we are making our selection in the first round.

Dorsey spoke about seventh-round pick, receiver Da'Ron Brown

"You have a size guy with big hands that can catch the football, can work inside. Of course, every young receiver is going to need varying degrees of improvement in terms of route running, but from the person wanting to be really good from the ability to physically catch the football, I really liked him and I was very happy to get him in the seventh round because again, he's one of those guys that comes in and competes and he adds competitive depth to that position."

Dorsey spoke about the common attitude of this year's draft class

"I don't like to use the word 'edge.' The words that I like to use are 'They love the game of football.' They're competitive guys. That's what this game of football is about. If you love the game and you're competitive, you're going to work at your trait. That's all you can ask for and these guys love football."

Dorsey clarified he and Andy Reid weren't arguing on the NFL Network video clip

"I don't think we've had an argument in 20-something years! Yes we are [passionate]. Honest to God, there was complete harmony in the draft room for the three days to be quite honest with you."

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