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2013 NFL Scouting Combine Notepad: John Dorsey, Andy Reid, Manti Te'o and More

Summarizing today's hot topics at the Combine


It was the day I was most looking forward to, one filled with athletes with God-given abilities, undergoing various speed, strength and agility drills, attempting to prove they belong in the NFL.

However, before approaching my seat to watch the players run, jump and block, Chiefs general manager John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid spoke with me about their 2013 NFL Scouting Combine experiences, so far.

"It's been fun," John Dorsey said.

"Anytime you're sitting in that (GM) chair for the first time, there are some challenges; you have to be ready to embrace the challenges. The hard part from my standpoint, there are a lot of moving parts going and you just want to get those parts moving in the same circle, and time management. I woke up this morning at 5:45am and I was already fielding phone calls, so it's a lot of hours in the day that are consumed."

Meanwhile, Chiefs coach Andy Reid is ready to meet some players.

"I'm excited about adding some new players to our roster," Reid said.

"At the same time, I'm very excited to see our players firsthand, that I haven't had a chance to either meet or work with yet."

After our conversation, I headed to my seat, located just rows up from the turf of Lucas Oil Stadium. It was almost like being in a library, as the few noises heard were, the public address announcer introducing athletes and the coaches, who were talking, during the various drills.

One of the highlights, during the agility drills, was seeing all but locks for first round picks, offensive tackles, Eric Fisher and D.J. Fluker, side by side, exploding out of their three-point stances and pushing the defenders yards off the ball.

One of the next drills, was a chance for coaches, scouts and general managers to see the footwork of the offensive linemen.

Directed by new Chiefs assistant offensive line coach, Eugene Chung snapped the ball, directed the player to backpedal as fast as possible, while also shouting orders to change direction, showing the 'judges' the athlete's agility, speed, hip movement, fexibility and genuine hustle. 

Chung's voice echoed throughout the stadium, which instantly made me think about what OTAs and training camp will be like under coach Chung, offensive line coach Andy Heck and the entire Chiefs crew.

Next, I focused my attention to the 'player measurements' portion of the Combine.

I walked into the room, which was filled with coaches, scouts and other officials, who sat and watched as athlete after athlete, walked out, wearing only athletic shorts, to be measured and weighed.

Most people would be uncomfortable being poked, prodded and then hearing their bodyweights publicly announced, but not these guys; they're used to being evaluated in a similar matter, typically during their collegiate days.

I left the room and went back out to the field, where I watched the OL crew continue with its evaluation. Yes, the NFL Network marketed the Combine with the "job interview" theme, but you could tell by the interaction of the players, they were all about business, yet pulling for one another, along the way.

A highlight from the broad jump, watching Alabama guard Chance Warmack "stick the landing" on his third attempt, raise his hands in the air, like an Olympian, and then slap hands with his fellow linemen.

Heading up the steps from the field, I would later return to the media room, which filled quickly around the podium of Notre Dame LB Manti Te'o.

I'm no media-interview evaluator or specialist, but I do believe that, regardless of whatever happened during the hoax, Te'o handled himself as well as possible, given the circumstances.

He admitted mistakes and later said that the hoax had nothing to do with his poor performance in the title game loss to Alabama.

Te'o continued to answer questions about the scandal, the Combine and his contact with NFL teams, before concluding his roughly 15-minute presser with the following:

"In closing, I'd just like to thank everybody for being here," Te'o said.

"It's been a hard, but trememndous ride for me and my family and the University of Notre Dame. I'd like to thank my parents, my family, my friends, the University of Notre Dame and everybody who supports me. I couldn't do it without all of you. Hopefully after this, I answered the things I needed to answer and we can move on with football; so, thank you, everybody."

The rest of the day was relatively quiet, as the offensive linemen continued with their workouts, while running backs, wide receivers, linebackers and defensive linemen filtered in and out of the media room.

Our 65TPT team packed up our gear, as our plane leaves in the early morning, back to Kansas City.

I'll continue to post news and updates, Combine related, through the final day of the event, February 26.

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