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2016 NFL Draft Grades: NFL.com Gives the Chiefs Straight As

With the 2016 NFL Draft now complete, the experts weigh in

The 2016 NFL Draft is officially over and while we won't ultimately know the level of success of this class for another few years, that doesn't stop the internet experts from doing what they do best—speculate and opine.

The folks over at NFL.com seem to really like what Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey and his staff did this year with the nine picks they accumulated after a couple of trades.

Here's what NFL.com had to say about the 2016 Chiefs class:

Day 1 grade:A * Day 2 grade: A 
Day 3 grade: A *

*Overall grade:A *

The skinny:Trading out of the first round was a great move for Dorsey. He gets early second and fourth round picks, along with a sixth. Beautiful. Dorsey picked up additional picks with another trade down, which means they'll do more damage early on Day 3 (where the value isn't much different than the third round).

While it's early and these grades don't mean anything, there's still something to be said for people thinking you brought in a fair amount of talent, which it looks like the Chiefs did again this year.

Here's the 2016 draft class:

A Look at the 2016 Chiefs Draft Picks.






6th (37 overall)

DL Chris Jones![](/team/roster/chris-jones/57012a70-e70e-4afd-8e68-45892dfb68a1/ "Chris Jones"), Mississippi


11th (74 overall)

DB KeiVarae Russell![](/team/roster/keivarae-russell/1e617373-d9d1-4886-a475-ace93ad8e188/ "KeiVarae Russell"), Notre Dame


7th (105 overall)

OL Parker Ehinger![](/team/roster/parker-ehinger/fad43b0b-a887-46c3-854f-171e76828ad1/ "Parker Ehinger"), Cincinnati

8th (106 overall)

DB Eric Murray![](/team/roster/eric-murray/2cf22840-5ea1-40be-9431-fb28c45c63ff/ "Eric Murray"), Minnesota

28th (126 overall)

WR Demarcus Robinson![](/team/roster/demarcus-robinson/4db162b9-5583-43f4-8306-4cab3c187c2d/ "Demarcus Robinson"), Florida


25th (162 overall)

QB Kevin Hogan![](/team/roster/kevin-hogan/dabd20eb-6a48-4374-8c5c-a7efbd078e18/ "Kevin Hogan"), Stanford

28th (165 overall)

RB Tyreek Hill![](/team/roster/tyreek-hill/1c96abe1-9643-4f7e-adc1-9c6a6fdfb368/ "Tyreek Hill"), West Alabama


3rd (178 overall)

DB D.J. White![](/team/roster/dj-white/6afcc32c-1924-42b8-9ea9-9acfc91cdfa8/ "D.J. White"), Georgia Tech

28th (203 overall)

LB Dadi Nicolas![](/team/roster/dadi-nicolas/5f1e632e-a3e8-4591-8f27-c54563576735/ "Dadi Nicolas"), Virginia Tech

These players will all report to rookie minicamp next week, and we'll have full coverage for you at Chiefs.com.

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