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LB Ukeme Eligwe | Georgia Southern


6'2" Height | 239lbs. Weight

Strengths: Looks the part. Carries an athletic frame with well-defined legs and long arms. Keeps pads square to the line of scrimmage on a consistent basis when sifting through traffic and flowing to the ball. Occasionally flashes a big, downhill burst when he's free to race on an angle to a play-side run. Length allows him to dive and sprawl for additional tackle radius when pursuing to the edge. Willing to set a hard, inside shoulder against pulling guards to spill the run outside to a teammate. Asked to carry some man coverage responsibilities down the field. Matched up against Evan Engram on a few snaps and hung in. Is a freight train to the quarterback as a blitzer. Forced three fumbles this season.

Three Things to Know About New Chiefs LB Ukeme Eligwe

The Kansas City Chiefs' selected Georgia Southern linebacker Ukeme Eligwe in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft with the 183rd overall pick.

As we did with Friday night’s selection of Tanoh Kpassagnon, here is a quick guide on how to pronounce Eligwe's name:

UKEME ELIGWE is pronounced "ew-KIM-ay | ee-LEEG-way"

Eligwe played on the Florida State national championship team in 2013.

New Chiefs LB Ukeme Eligwe: "I have my notepad ready"

The word that kept getting thrown around was "speed."

That's how Kansas City Chiefs area scout Ryne Nutt kept describing the team's fifth-round pick, linebacker Ukeme Eligwe out of Georgia Southern, whom the Chiefs selected with their fifth-round pick Saturday afternoon.

Eligwe finished last year with 104 tackles (11 for loss), and three forced fumbles.

"You put the tape on you see him covering tight ends down the seam, you'll see him buzzing on the flat," Nutt, who said he believes Eligwe will work at the WILL linebacker position for the Chiefs, explained. "He ran a 4.58. The kid is fast and finds the football. He plays multiple roles."

When speaking with reporters after being selected, Eligwe, who stands at 6 feet 2 and 239 pounds, described his playing style.

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