25 Things We Learned Thursday From Media Availability

Coach Reid, Demarcus Robinson, Jehu Chesson Patrick Mahomes, and Ukeme Eligwe spoke with the media

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement:"As far as the injuries go (Leon) McQuay came out with a stinger, (Donald) Hawkins has a concussion and really everybody else came out okay, (Earl) Okine was okay, he was able to go back in. Just one thing for the people from Houston, our hearts are with them and we feel them. That's a very tough situation that's going on there. I know the NFL has really risen to the occasion, in particular the Cowboys and the Texans in helping out along with the rest of the league and their support. Our love is with them and our prayers as well. Time's yours."

Patrick tonight had a couple of deep balls, but the one that seemed particularly intriguing was the 46-yard pass down the sideline. Discuss that play and what you saw develop there and is that what you would like to see from him?"Well there was one where he was scrambling all around, I'm not sure what the numbers are but the one early, second series, I think it was down the middle so that was good. Good read, and then the next one he had to move around a little bit to the right towards our bench and then put it up and it was quite a play. I thought 14 (Demarcus Robinson) had a nice day catching them too. Then the one at the end of the half was really very well executed, that's a double-move play and a lot of times that receiver comes out a little bit slower than he goes in and you really have to get the timing with it and he did well there"

There was another in that sequence, I think it was 3rd and 18 on the sideline it was very close to being a great play and close to being intercepted is that a play you want to see him try?"I'll take the great play and not the interception. I know which one you're talking about it went through the tight end's hands is what it did, but you have to shoot those. You have to try and make it happen and I thought he did that. You have to make that catch though."

How do you think Cairo (Santos) looked?"I thought he did a good job. He missed the first extra point, but I thought he did well. He had big kicking day on Sunday and felt great coming out of that. He felt good tonight so we're in a good spot."

You talked about Demarcus Robinson – you were happy with him at the end of OTA's, has he shown you any of that until tonight, in camp or in preseason?"I thought he started off strong at camp and then kind of went through that rookie lull – he's not a rookie – but he had a little bit of a lull in there. But I thought these last two weeks he's come out, he's working with the ones, he's been rotating with the ones this past week in practice. So for him to come out and have a day like he did today was good, he needed that. He did a nice job. Quarterbacks have trust in him, which is important."

What is Demarcus' (Robinson) best trait as a receiver? "He's strong after the catch, we knew that when he came out. I think he runs good routes. He's strong, he's a strong player. He runs good solid routes. Experience would be the thing he's probably lacking there. But whatever he's going to do it's going to be a hundred miles an hour."

What was your message to the team after the game, with the roster cuts coming up? "Make it as hard as you can on Brett Veach. Brett includes me so make it as hard as you possibly can on us. And then in return we're going to give you an opportunity to show and have some film and kind of build a resume for yourself. One of the great things about this camp was and the preseason game, these kids were able to get themselves on tape. So if they don't make it with us, they have a chance to make it with somebody else. So I just thanked them for the effort. I don't know whose going to be here or who's not going to be here but I just thanked them for the effort that they gave us, they work their tail off. This ends up being the hardest time for you as a head coach, general manager. It's a tough time because these kids work so hard."

How many jobs are up for grabs tonight? "I would say a handful of spots there that you're looking at, rough estimate."

Tracking Patrick Mahomes throughout the preseason, where would you say he landed? Did he exceed your expectations? "I thought that this was a great experience for him. You can learn some things there that when you have to prep for a game that you don't have to learn as a relief pitcher, at least in the preseason as a relief pitcher. I thought he handled the last few days the right way. He knew he was going to be the starter so we gave him time there to prep. So he's also going to have to carry that same thing over as a backup. Knowing you're just one play away from being the guy. Again this was a very important thing for him."

Patrick (Mahomes) will be your number two quarterback heading into regular season? "Yeah that's what we're looking at right now."

What were your impressions of Tyler Bray and Joel Stave in the second half? "I thought they did a good job. Joel (Stave) didn't have quite as many opportunities as Tyler (Bray) had, they were blitzing a little bit. I mean Dick (LeBeau) was a wizard at that stuff and had a couple zone blitzes in there. I thought he hung in there and held his own. Did a nice job on the last one."

A lot of the starters didn't play – what kind of sense did you get from them watching the young guys play and how ready they are considering on a short week? "I thought Justin Houston was going to get a penalty, he was up in midfield cheering them on. The guys get into it, they love it. Marcus (Peters), Eric Berry – it was hard to keep all those guys back. (Travis) Kelce you saw out there, they were all involved and going after it. It was a neat thing."


What was going through your mind when Mahomes hit you for that big gain?"Yeah, my thing was just to get open down the field. I saw that he was scrambling, and I knew who we have at quarterback and he can make good down-the-field plays and I just try to get open when I see him scrambling."

How did the touchdown pass open up?"Just great blocking from the offensive line. Great read by the quarterback and we got it in the endzone."

What kind of arm does Patrick Mahomes have?"A great arm. You just saw him tonight, slinging the ball around with no effort, making completions."


Take us through the punt return."I got back there and had a right call. The hold-up guys did a great job holding up the gunners. We talked about all week how we were going to be explosive and make plays out there on the edge. (Leon) McQuay and (Marcus) Kemp did their job and I just did mine. I fielded a left ball and got it off the left shoulder, then made one move and up the field. You see, you got to hit it."

Is tonight an example of why special teams are so meaningful to you?"It is important, man. I don't know why some people think it is less important than offense or defense because any chance you have the opportunity to impact the game, you should. Special teams, I feel like a lot of guys don't get credit on special teams and what they do. Those hold-up guys did a heck of a job because you can't do it without them. Nobody can just run through by themselves. I don't care how fast you are or how shifty you are. Those guys did a hell of a job and I am just really thankful for them."

There have been two returns for touchdowns the last two weeks, what does that say about the emphasis of special teams?"It is huge. Coach Toub does a wonderful job of getting us prepared for the games. He does a wonderful job of encouraging us and really giving us the best game plan to be successful for that week."


Are you satisfied with your development so far?"Yes, I feel like I have gotten better every single day and that's been the plan all along.  It's a process but you want to make sure you come in every single practice, every single game and improve."

*If you had to play in a regular season game, do you feel like you would be ready? *"Yes, I think it helps when you have Alex in front of you, teaching you.  You have Coach Reid and Coach Nags (Nagy) and them helping you with the game plan and everything like that.  Learning from those guys every single day will have me prepared." * *

Are the throws you made tonight, remarkable to you in any way?"For me it is all about getting the ball up and letting the receiver make a play.  I saw Demarcus on the guy and the guy was behind him.  I knew, if I put it out there, he was going to make a play on the ball and he did.  It was a great play and a great catch.  It's just something where you have to let those guys make plays."  * *

*On that throw it looked like you were just trying to get rid of the ball.  Was that ever a thought in your mind? *"I went through all the reads.  They have covered it up pretty well.  I started scrambling out to the right.  The line had protected me for a day and a half.  I was kind of scrambling out to the right and saw D-Rob out there and spit it out there."

*Is changing your arm angle when throwing something you started recently or something you have done your whole life? *"I think it is just something that has come from playing baseball my whole life.  For the most part I try to stay with the same arm angle but if it comes to where I need to change arm angle, I can do that."


How did it feel to get the start tonight? *"It feels good.  It helps you get into the groove of things and feel the offense out.  You get to make more plays because you feel more comfortable." *

*Have you picked up tips from Derrick Johnson? *"100 percent.  Everything I am learning from all the veteran guys is helping me on the field."

What does this game do for your confidence heading into the regular season? *"It definitely helps.  We will see what happens in the next couple of days and if I am on the 53.  I just want to be able to contribute to the team no matter what it is."  *

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