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8/19 Practice Report: Chiefs Preparing Like It's the Regular Season this Week

News and notes from today’s Chiefs practice

Getting back on the field for the first time since their 28-16 loss to the Carolina Panthers, the Kansas City Chiefs practiced Tuesday afternoon back home at the University of Kansas Hospital training complex. 

After Tuesday morning's walk-through, Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson spoke with the media about preparing for the Minnesota Vikings, among other things.


Afterwards, in an exclusive interview with Pederson, he talked about how preparation is different heading into the third preseason game this week against the Vikings.

Pederson said this week will be more like the regular season in terms of their daily responsibilities and schedule.

"For the coaching staff, to kind of get into a game-plan [and a] normal week [both] assignment-wise and practice schedule-wise, it gives us that dry run before the opening weekend," Pederson said.

Veteran quarterback Chase Daniel said it's good for the players as well.

The Kansas City Chiefs practice in preparation for the upcoming preseason game against the Vikings.

"You're really getting into game week here," Daniel said. "We're really trying to game plan against the Minnesota Vikings, and it shows the young guys how we're going to do things around here during the regular season."

Pederson said it's not just about the details of going through the Vikings and what they do, but getting back into the swing of things for the coaches as far as what they do to prepare.

"It's good not only for the players to get their minds right, but for the coaches to get themselves organized leading up to the season," Pederson said.

Looking back at their game against the Panthers, Pederson acknowledged the penalties on the offensive side of the ball.

"We don't make any excuses for it," Pederson said. "The emphasis comes with the huddle. The quarterback has to emphasize the snap count in the huddle and it starts with him and the center and guys just have to focus in on detail. We have to eliminate those types of penalties—the holding penalties and then obviously the sacks and turnovers."

Pederson also spoke on left tackle Eric Fisher.

"He's getting used to the left side over there," Pederson said. "He's just coming back and battling back from that injury he had and just focusing in and understanding what he needs to do to get better as a professional and just continue to detail his work.

"Coach (Andy) Heck does a great job with him individually and then in our team setting, he's going to continue to work hard and we got all the confidence in the world in him and look forward to the season."

Fisher spoke Tuesday morning about what he's learning through his first two preseason games. 

"You go out there and you learn from your mistakes," Fisher said. "You keep your head up and you just get back in there and you keep fighting. That's what I'm trying to do."

Coming off offseason shoulder surgery, Fisher spoke about where he's at with his health and the process of getting ready for the season.

"After a major surgery your shoulder is going to get a little tired," Fisher said. "Your body is going to get a little tired. You've got to fight through that and just keep going. But as you recover, you get stronger and that's what I'm going through right now. It's a re-building process and getting through the tail-end of it here."

Practice bits:

  • Did not practice: DB Eric Berry (heel), WR Dwayne Bowe (quad), RB Jamaal Charles (foot), DL Jermelle Cudjo (hamstring), WR Junior Hemingway (hip), LB Josh Martin (quad), LB Joe Mays (wrist)
  • OL Jeff Linkenbach and OL Jeff Allen continue to show their versatility
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