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A message from Kansas City Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt, regarding the April 2nd ballot question and the Chiefs longstanding partnership with Jackson County

Dear Jackson County Voter,

Over the past 50-plus years, we have built an incredible partnership between the Kansas City Chiefs and Jackson County. It's a partnership that has spanned the careers of Hall of Fame players, generated enormous economic and community impact, and elevated the national and international profile of the entire region.

Today, we are in the Golden Era of Chiefs Football, and we have a chance to build on that momentum.

We are excited to continue this decades-long relationship with you – the voters and taxpayers of Jackson County – and we hope you are equally excited to continue building on this great opportunity. On April 2, a YES vote on Question 1 ensures that Chiefs football will remain at Arrowhead Stadium, and that Arrowhead will remain one of the most iconic stadiums in all of sports.

All along, our message has remained the same:

  • This is not a new tax. Nor is it a tax increase. We're asking to extend the agreement to have the same sales tax, at the same percentage, with the same level of support as we have today.
  • This is a better deal for taxpayers and fans. As a part of this deal, $200 million is going back to Jackson County.
  • This benefits every citizen of Jackson County. We are delivering historic benefits for the community, as well as keeping our nearly $1 billion of annual economic impact in the region, including $572.3 million every year in Jackson County.

A YES vote on April 2 is the foundational support for maintaining Arrowhead Stadium and ensuring that it remains one of the top facilities in the NFL. Over the past decade, many NFL franchises have relocated or built new stadiums. Over that same time frame, the Chiefs have committed to Jackson County, the team has brought home multiple championships, and Arrowhead has earned the right to host the largest tournament on the planet, FIFA World Cup 2026. We are ready to extend this partnership, and we hope you are too.

My father once called Arrowhead his "favorite place on earth." For so many families in Jackson County, it has been a symbol of civic pride, meaningful memories, and championship football. We hope you'll join us as we plan to make Arrowhead Stadium home for a new generation of Chiefs fans.

We would be honored to receive your support with a YES vote on Question 1 to keep the Chiefs in Jackson County. We look forward to maintaining our partnership, and we can't wait to celebrate more championships with you.

Thank you and go Chiefs!

Clark Hunt

Chairman and CEO



We are in a Golden Era of sports in Kansas City. Voting YES on April 2nd will continue the partnership between Jackson County and the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals, keeping both teams in Jackson County for the next 50 years.

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