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A Roundtable Discussion with Members of Andy Reid's Coaching Tree

Here’s a video you must watch

The folks over at NFL films got a bunch of Andy Reid's former assistant coaches together to talk about what they learned from him during their time with the 19-year NFL veteran head coach.

It's a fantastic video and great insight into Reid and the relationship he develops with his assistant coaches.

All five of the guys interviewed are current head coaches around the league.

Those included were the Eagles' Doug Pederson, the Bills' Sean McDermott, the Ravens' John Harbaugh, the Panthers' Ron Rivera and the Jets' Todd Bowles.

"I feel like I'm at a funeral," Reid joked at the beginning of the roundtable discussion, which was led by ESPN's Katie Nolan. "My funeral."

Check out the video below:

For another look at Reid's journey, check out his long form by following this link.

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