After a Standout Rookie Season, Tyreek Hill Drawing Comparisons

The rookie playmaker was a popular topic of discussion this week in Houston

It's not really a secret that Kansas City Chiefs rookie fifth-round pick Tyreek Hill took the NFL by storm last season.

Hill, who finished the year with 12 touchdowns and led the NFL at 15.2 yards per punt return, was one of just two unanimous first-team All-Pros last season. He helped transform the Chiefs offense and added a playmaker that averaged over a ridiculous 44 yards on his 12 touchdowns.

"Well, I think they got more explosive on offense," Jason Cole of Bleacher Report explained of this Chiefs' offense. "Certainly, with Hill there, I think you have a real diamond-in-the-rough type of player that's not only a running back, but also a receiver. He's sort of a better version, I think, of Percy Harvin. He's what the Minnesota Vikings envisioned with Harvin when they drafted him.

"[Hill] is a strong guy that can run through the line and make some things happen as a back, but he can also work in the slot and work as a wide receiver. He's a multi-tool weapon and a big-play guy who makes it easier for guys like Kelce and Maclin. I love what they're putting together on offense."

Hill finished second on the team with 61 receptions for 593 yards and six touchdowns, also adding 24 carries for 267 yards with three touchdowns on the ground as well. He's also been compared to the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown.

"On the field, he's spectacular," CBS Sports' Pete Prisco explained of Hill. "Speed kills in the NFL. If you get that kind of speed in your building, that's value. I think they got creative with ways to get him the football with the end-around, quick throws and everything and he's great in the return game. But you have to be careful with guys like that because you guys in Kansas City know, it fizzles quick.

"It comes and it goes, so you have to be careful with those guys."

The Chiefs finished the regular season averaging 24.3 points per game, which ranked 13th in the NFL, and Hill was obviously a huge part of what they were able to do offensively.

"I think this roster is one of the top five best, but certain things have to break right for them," ESPN's Adam Caplan added. "Losing Jamaal Charles was huge, but Andy [Reid] is really good at finding other players. Obviously, Hill could be that guy. What a story. Watching him has been incredible."

Caplan said it's been a pattern for Reid throughout his career to find ways to utilize players that maybe others don't see.

"When the Eagles drafted Brian Westbrook in the third round, people thought they were out of their mind," Caplan explained. "He's a guy that's 5 feet 8 and went to Villanova. I was at the Senior Bowl in 2002, and I saw him as a punt returner.

"But Joe Banner, the former Eagles president, told me this: [Reid] sees it differently. He sees what others don't see and that's what makes him a great coach."

Reid will get an entire offseason to find ways to get Hill the ball, which has proven to be a good thing for the Chiefs' offense.

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