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Alex Smith: 4th qtr. comeback 'was a first for us'

The Chiefs QB describes the team's fifth-straight win in 2013

Chiefs QB Alex Smith addressed the media, following the team's 26-17 win in Tennessee on Sunday.

(On having to come from behind in the fourth quarter, for the first time this season)

I do feel good about things. I knew that with the style of the way the game was going and the style of defense they were playing, you are literally this far away at any given time from hitting one of those passes. A guy breaks a tackle, and you are off to the races; you saw it there with them in the second half. The defense is playing great and then two plays and they have the momentum. It was like in the first half, but there in the third quarter, we would have liked to have been more productive. We came back when we had to. We moved the chains. The defense gave us some good field position and then we got that score in the end.

(On his teammates saying that they saw something in his eyes that they have never seen before)

I think you get in those situations enough as a quarterback, and I feel like I have played in a lot of tight games, over the years. With eight minutes or ten minutes left in the fourth, you don't press. You just go out there and do your job. You just kind of focus that much more and you bring the guys in, that much more, and know you are only one play away. Really, that was my mindset. Go out there, one play at a time, and you don't know which play is going to be the difference maker.

(On if this game will provide something to build on)

No question, I think it helps. Anytime you get in these situations and you overcome it and you play well, this was a first for us, this year, being down in the fourth quarter and having to have a game-winning drive and we were able to put it together. The defense sealed the deal, along with the special teams. These are great experiences to have, especially being together for the first time on offense, great experiences to build on.

(On the defense having the goal line stand and then the long pass to Donny Avery)

The defense, huge goal line stand. That was a big swing there and it could have been even bigger, if we could have finished that drive off with a touchdown. That is a 10-point swing, with the defense holding and then us moving it all the way down and getting a field goal, right before half, that was a big, big shift in the game. We would have loved to somehow come up with a score there and make that a 14-point swing and give ourselves an even bigger lead. I thought that was a big difference in the game.

(On how the offense went on Sunday)

I was trying to take what the defense gives you and they presented some opportunities, down the field. We looked at it and learned from it and we did some good things and there are some things that we can look at and get better at.

(On how stretching the field helps the offense)

You have to threaten them with the style of defense that they are playing. It's a give and take and you have to get yours and you have to be able to make the plays. When you make them, they have to be big plays. They have to be game changers. We had some there, in the first half, and didn't have enough in the second half, but we had the one that counted with the drive that got us on top. They are a good defense, especially playing at home here, with the noise and it was a wet day. It was tough conditions, but I thought the guys played great. It was such a great team win, all around. I thought the defense played well, in the third quarter. Special teams played great all day and I thought the offensive line, once again, really took that on the game-winning drive.

(On not being as sharp to start the game and if it was the coverage)

They were mixing it. They are good up-front and they are pressing outside and they are trying to disrupt their timing and it's hard to get the ball out on time. It's such a fine line there, playing that kind of defense. It's such a fine line between big plays on offense and then, you are just that far off. They are jamming you and pressing you outside and they are bringing pressure and you really have to be on top of it. You really have to be on top of it on the perimeter unit in the passing game.

(On getting out of the pocket and making a big play)

I wasn't doing anything conscious, I guess, to stay in there; in fact, it's the opposite. All day, I was telling myself, in that man-to-man coverage, a lot of times, there was no one for me and I could get out. A lot of times, the way they are rushing, they were very consistent in their lanes and not doing any twists to let me get out of there. It wasn't anything I was consciously trying to do. I was just aware that if I could, I would get out of there and try to make a play with my legs.

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