Alex Smith: 'Browns are a great challenge for us'

The team's QB talks about Sunday's win and preparing for the Browns

Alex Smith

Player Quotes - October 23, 2013

Q: What do you consider to be a good percentage in red zone touchdowns? How do you feel like the team is doing this year in that?

SMITH: "100%. I don't know. I don't know what that threshold is of what makes you a good red zone team and what doesn't. I mean, I don't know what the national average is in the NFL. I mean, certainly you'd love to be scoring more touchdowns than field goals; I think that's the bottom line. Certainly those situations are all different. I think you'd love to say when you really need seven, you get seven. You find a way to get it down there. In the end, you're not always going to get seven. Defenses are good, it's tough in the red zone, you get constricted down there in the red zone sometimes. But yeah, I think more often than not, you're scoring sevens and then when you've really got to have it, you find a way."

Q: Do you feel like you've done a decent job?

SMITH: "Yeah, at times, at times. Certainly, this last week stands out. Especially down there with that third, fourth down, you've got to make that play. At times, I do feel like we're doing a good job of being opportunistic down there."

Q: What do you remember about Jason Campbell when you both entered the NFL?

SMITH: "Yeah, I came out the same year that he did. I always followed him, kind of going back to college. They had a good team that last year, when I was in school as well. (I've) gotten to know him over the years, so yeah, good guy."

Q: What's happened with him?

SMITH: "Yeah, it wouldn't even be fair for me to try and get into that. It's tough in this league and as a quarterback; there are so many things outside of your control. You try and put yourself in good situations and go out there and make plays."

Q: You've had to come off the bench before. What was that like?

SMITH: "Yeah. It's different for every guy. I mean, sometimes it can be a good thing. He's gotten a chance to sit there and watch some other guys play. He's in his first year there, so a new system and has got a chance to play and get comfortable. Sometimes it can be a good thing. Then again, you haven't played with real bullets in a while. Probably not back until preseason and even that's not quite the same. There are some advantages and disadvantages, I think, for every guy."

Q: What kind of challenges does Cleveland present to you offensively?

SMITH: "Yeah, they're good on the defensive side of the field. Just looking at them, they're not a weak group. They're good up-front, stout. They're good on the edge and then they're good on the back end as well, physical. They're aggressive and certainly a great challenge for us."

Q: Is there anything they kind of let you do more so than others?

SMITH: "No, certainly not. I think you look at the film, you look at the stats and they're a good unit. They've played well all year. Like I said, I don't think there is a weak spot on that side of the ball. It will be a big challenge for us."

Q: How is this team handling being the last undefeated team?

SMITH: "I mean, to be honest, I don't think it's something that we're thinking a whole lot about. For us, I think this team has done a good job of being shortsighted and keeping it about football. Every day, it's about football, it's about the details, going out and doing your job and preparing yourself. I think this team has the right mindset that we haven't gotten ahead of ourselves at all."

Q: Do you and Jason Campbell talk about playing each other back in college, because you both went undefeated your last year in college?

SMITH: "I haven't talked to him in a little while. Yeah, like who would have beat who; a little bit of that goes on."

Q: Do you feel like the offense is getting picked apart a little bit too much?

SMITH: "I think for us, the bottom line is to win games. With that, it's to continue to get better as the season goes on. You have got to continue to play better and better football as the stages get bigger. This last week, certainly areas to improve on, the red zone, but we put more yards up on that defense, the number one defense in the NFL, than any other team this season. So, there are also positives. You are certainly trying to correct your mistakes and improve on your weaknesses as a group, and like I said, get better as the weeks go on. But certainly, the focus, don't get me wrong, is to find a way to win every week. That's why we're out here."

Q: How does Andy Reid let guys be themselves?

SMITH: "I think exactly that. He eliminates distractions, he allows guys just to focus on football and exactly that, just be themselves. I even think he encourages it, encourages to play with personality and have personality. He does that through his actions by letting his own personality shine and come through. I think it really starts with him." Q: How have you guys been able to mix in the no-huddle and up-tempo stuff?

SMITH: "I think we've done a good job of it some weeks more than others. Certainly is something we have and always have in our back pocket, depending on that week. When we feel like it's an advantage for us, we will do more of it. I think it's a great change of pace for us, something we've spent a lot of time working on."

Q: What does it do to the defense when you're doing it right?

SMITH: "I think one, just the tempo applies pressure. Those guys have to think quicker, react quicker and get lined up. I think they're a tick behind a little bit, in a sense. With that, you kind of have to stay ahead of the chains on offense, I think. As soon as you get behind them, what became an advantage all of the sudden, quickly can kind of become a negative."

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