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Alex Smith Explains What He Sees in Rex Ryan's Defense

Quarterback Alex Smith spoke with the media

Quarterback Alex Smith

Smith began with praise for his team for staying focused after a rough start to the season.

"Yeah, I think guys took a lot of those experiences early on in the year and we, collectively as a team, learned from them," Smith said. "Those games, those tough games were frustrating and painful to re-watch, but as much as they were, I think guys learned from them and we just kept the focus on the football and the details of doing our job. They've slowly kind of made this thing slowly turn. And I think guys have kept the focus on that, especially these last few weeks. It's kind of a credit to the guys in this locker room and the leadership we have on this team. Just keeping the focus on the right spots."

The Buffalo Bills have a tough front seven including two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Marcell Dareus and three-time Pro Bowl defensive end Mario Williams.

"That's a really good, really talented group," Smith said. "Then you watch them and they do a ton. Now with that Rex Ryan defense they throw a lot at you, with crazy looks that are all over the place, guys walking around and standing around. Guys are lined up anywhere and everywhere. They give you a lot to prepare for and we'll certainly have to be on it getting ready for this."

Smith also touched upon the challenges of having a holiday during a week of practice with a tough opponent to face on Sunday.

"It's a different challenge," Smith said. "You throw Thanksgiving in the middle of a week and it's something that guys are familiar with. You play football at this time of year and deal with that. It's a week you try to organize and schedule your time accordingly to take advantage before and after. So tomorrow, yeah, you do get some time to spend with family and you take the time that day to do what you need to do. But certainly, before and after, take advantage of that time so you're not having to play catch up.

"It's also different when you're a young guy. Most guys are living on their own and your family might not be around so it's definitely not necessarily the time consuming thing when you were growing up because you might not have all the family. So you're eating with buddies on the team or you're going to another guy's house to eat some food and watch some football. It's different when you are a young guy."

Smith spoke about the play of running back Spencer Ware, who stepped in after an injury to running back Charcandrick West last Sunday.

"I thought it was outstanding," Smith said. "It's tough as a running back in practice. Spencer knows his stuff, he knew his stuff and he's ready to roll. He just kind of has that about him. But for those guys, we're not tackling during the week so it's tough to see that extra juice that those guys bring until you get into a live situation and to get to see him run out there to do what he did with that opportunity was fun. It helped us get a win and his big contribution changed the second half of that game."

Then in true holiday fashion, Smith broke down the Thanksgiving dinner table spread and his favorite of the targets.

"It's tough to pick," Smith said. "For me, obviously, turkey jumps out. It's the easy answer."

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