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Alex Smith Post Game Press Conference

Alex Smith addresses the media after the Chiefs week eight match up against the Rams

You were 24 for 28 today. Is that about as efficient as you can get?"Yeah pretty efficient as far as completions. Really, it felt like the ones that were not completions, very easily could've been. There was a little play there to Knile (Davis) that kind of came up (short) and that early third down to (Travis) Kelce was very close to coming up there. So, there's still room for improvement, took a couple of sacks that you wouldn't like to take."

Nearly 17 of your completions were to a tight end or running back. What goes into that and are the wide outs not getting open? "No, I felt like, you know, an aggressive defense at times and with some of that stuff that we had called, it dictated that it went to the backs and tight ends. I felt like they had two rookie corners that they weren't going to come up and press and they weren't going to play aggressive and they were going to help, I felt like they helped the young kid, 47 (Marcus Roberson), all day today with the safeties over the top. That was hard. I felt like it kind of dictated that. There in the end we kind of got Dwayne (Bowe) going. It kind of felt like that because (Janoris) Jenkins didn't play and they had the young kid in that they were going to help him, they were going to play off and just the way that ended up happening, it ended up dictating some of the backs and tight ends."

The fumble with Jamaal (Charles), then your defense stops them. Talk about the look that gave you guys on the next offensive drive? "Yeah, I mean, sheesh, turning point in the game and really defense just after that first drive just absolutely dominated the game, but big swing there. To give up a turnover on our own end and to come back and we probably came back with even better field position with the same score is a rarity. To have a defense play like that is special. Those guys really dominated and set the tone."

You guys got your first special teams return for a touchdown. How good can you guys be with having that each week like you guys had last year? "Yeah, I mean anytime you play good in all three facets, you're going to win a lot of games. It felt like we did that earlier in the offensive part for whatever reason left it a little bit out there and weren't able to convert on some third downs and weren't able to convert in the red zone, kind of let them off the hook a little bit and they're a good defense. They're stout and they do a lot of different stuff and some really good players up front, but there in the second half we were able to get going and get back into some of the field position we were getting from defense and special teams."

You got sacked a few times, but for the most part were okay. What did you guys do to offset (Robert) Quinn? "A little bit of it is that. The balls coming out, you're being smart with the football, some of that stuff equates to the tight ends, the running backs and keeping those guys at bay, chipping them. There's a lot of stuff that goes into it. The entire game plan, the coaches did a great job of that and then those guys up front. I thought they did a great job battling."

Setting an emphasis on the run you were able to kind of wear them out. "Yeah anytime you have balance for sure, then those guys aren't able to pin their ear back and go. You're going to help yourself as far as pass rush goes."

The run game always takes patience. You guys kept going back to it. Did you have to do that? "Yeah, I think a lot of the time the NFL is like that. You play a good front. It's not going to be easy early and it never is. I think it's a matter of staying patient with it as the game goes on. Really credit to those guys who wearing on them down starting with the guys up front just wearing on them, and then our backs running well and guys along the perimeter blocking well."

Third and 15 and you picked up a first down. How big was that? "Yeah, it was a big conversion there. The percentages are down anytime you have a position like that and you have a chance to convert. I was able to use my legs and got some good blocks down field and was able to keep that drive going." When you come out to the second half and score on the opening kickoff, what does that do for you on the sideline for the offense especially you? "Yeah, special teams has that ability. It's such a momentum thing. When special teams can come out and make a play like that to start the second half, you can just feel the momentum change in that game. Coming into halftime it's still close and to come out and get a play like that on our special team just completely changes momentum in the game and really it felt like we just started a snowball. That kind of started it and it just snowballed from there."

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