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Alex Smith: 'We just did not get it done'

The team's QB addresses the media, following Saturday's loss to the Colts

Alex, if I told you (that) you would get 44 points today and lose, would you think I was crazy?

"Yeah, probably not likely, probably would have thought that would have been enough, but they found a way to make enough plays in the end and we didn't, in the fourth quarter."

What happened on the play to Cyrus Gray, down the sideline?

"Yeah, I mean anytime you get an opportunity like that, you expect to hit it. The tough part is all week with so many reps and obviously with Jamaal (Charles) getting all of those, it's just something we have never repped with Cyrus, but still got to hit it though. You don't get many opportunities like that."

As guys are going down, what was the cumulative effect from that?

"You know, we didn't really have time to think about it in the game; you're really just trying to steady the ship and just continue to go out there; that's kind of the name of the game in this league. The next guy has to come up and step up and step in and I felt like those guys did a great job for the most part."

What was clicking, when you guys scored five straight times?

"(We) got into great rhythm. It's a combination of coaches putting us in great situations and guys making plays. I felt like we did get into a great rhythm in that sense, moving the ball on first and second downs, converting on third downs, and there in the red zone, we were pretty good there, early. I think all of those things."

To lose this way, is it anymore piercing than to lose a different game?

"They're all not fun at all. When we get blown out, they're all bad. Anytime you're leading like that and then have them battle back and then take it and losing by a point is a tough pill to swallow."

Did you amend your offense from two weeks ago?

"No, not necessarily at all. I think that's something we have shown all year and have done all year. (We) just fell behind, two weeks ago and weren't able to get into some of that stuff."

What happened on that intentional grounding?

"Getting rid of the ball and trying to make the play to the left. The D-end was standing up and didn't get him on the ground and didn't want to take a sack in the end because that would have really hurt us there."

Any way to process the whole season at this moment?

"It's tough and certainly looking at it, any time you can go from two wins and then making the playoffs, you have something to feel good about there, the turnaround that we had. That's the first time together with the staff. Still though, when we get these opportunities, you don't know how often they come or when the next one is going to be and you just try to go and make the most of it, but unfortunately for us, we just did not get it done today."

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