Andy Reid: "All the hoopla doesn't matter"

Coach Reid fields questions about Sunday's road game in Denver

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes
November 15, 2013


"Alright, we have no injuries right now. Everybody practiced today and everything worked out fine, (Mike) Catapano included. He did practice the whole week. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Denver Broncos. We know they're a good football team. Our guys have prepared for them and we've had a good week of preparation. We look forward to that opportunity to travel tomorrow and getting up there and getting ourselves right for the night game."

Q: Is Dexter McCluster your punt returner on Sunday?

REID: "Yeah. We have a couple of them. (Kyle) Williams, we have to go in and see what we're going to do activation-wise. I've got to get with (John) Dorsey and the coaches on that. But Dex can do it."

Q: Is he 100%?

REID: "Yeah."

Q: As a coach, are you conscious of the magnitude of this game?

REID: "Listen, it's two good football teams playing each other, so you've got to expect that. That's all part of this. I think for both teams, it's a privilege to be in this situation and now you go play. I've always stated this and will continue to do so that you make sure that you prepare for the team you're playing. We respect the heck out of them and then, you get yourself right to play, and that's what I think the guys have done this week. We had a good week of preparation here."

Q: Quintin Demps says it takes about a quarter to get used to the altitude. Is that your experience?

REID: "I feel pretty good. Yeah, that's normal. I played in college at that altitude, so that's about right. You get up there, and you get a good warm up in and normally by the time the game gets going, you're kind of ready to roll."

Q: Is it more important this time, when you're going up against a good team on the road, to weather the start?

REID: "You prepare yourself the same way each week. That's how you go about your business. You get yourself wherever that point is for yourself. You get yourself ready to play and then you go play. That's what you do. All the hoopla and all of that stuff doesn't matter, once the ball is kicked off. You're playing the game; that's what I expect the guys to do. I think they've prepared that way and I'm not expecting anything less."

Q: Do you subscribe to the belief that it doesn't matter how you start, it matters how you finish?

REID: "This is the one I believe in; I'm big on the turnovers and I'm big on the points. Those are my two stats and that comes along with what you're saying. You start and finish, but make sure the points are there in the right direction."

Q: Does the John Fox and Gary Kubiak situations give you a little pause about your position as head coach and the pressure with it?

REID: "Are you asking me if I did some extra push-aways? Listen, I get it. I understand. Both of those guys are in pretty good shape, actually, I mean, and thank goodness, they're doing well. They're two good friends and I'm happy that they're back and doing well. John (Fox) will be back in a few weeks, I'm sure, but we understand the business. We understand that part of it, so, that's all I got for that for you."

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