Andy Reid: Bills LBs 'extremely fast and athletic'

The team's head coach talks practice week and the Buffalo Bills

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes
November 1, 2013

OPENING STATEMENT: "For the injuries, Mike Catapano is listed as out. Everybody else practiced today and did their thing. We had a good week of preparation. We know we're playing a good Buffalo team here and we understand that. We've seen the tape and the guys have worked hard to get themselves ready to go. We'll finish it up tomorrow with the mock game, then get on the plane and go up and play against a good football team."

Q: Were Jamaal Charles, Anthony Fasano, and Dwayne Bowe all in full participation in practice today?

REID: "Yeah, they all went today."

Q: Do you believe in "trap games" or is that something that's overused in sports?

REID: "When you're a coach, you're just kind of going and players do the same thing. You're in such a routine and you just go maximize yourself and make sure that you respect your opponent. That's the only way I know to do it. I don't really think much about that other part."

Q: Is it nice to get outdoors?

REID: "Yeah, well the positive (of practicing inside) is that you get to work on turf, the negative is that you're not outside and we'll be playing on the same surface. We're glad we were able to get out today. It was a nice day, today."

Q: What did you guys see in Mike Catapano?

REID: "He has natural pass-rush ability. In the Ivy League, he dominated at that level, both he and (Josh) Martin, both at that level. That's what caught John (Dorsey)'s eye."

Q: Is he one of those high-energy guys?

REID: "He's high-octane, a hundred miles an hour at practice and in games. He's at one speed the whole time and that's a good thing."

Q: What does Chad Hall's background say about his drive and focus?

REID: "Well and he also switched positions. He was a running back. I believe he was the MVP of the league one year, his junior year, then a new coach came in and moved him to wide receiver. About half way through the season there, they moved him back to running back; that was something that intrigued us, when I was in Philadelphia. He worked out at the University of Utah there, the head coach there and I are good friends and we watched him. He had been working out there to get himself back into shape. We wanted him onboard. Tough kid, definitely a tough kid, not the biggest guy, but a tough guy."

Q: What is the value in him moving around a little bit?

REID: "He's good at both of them. He was good at wide receiver; he was good at the running back position. He moved to a different offense, so there was more emphasis on the wide receiver. Then, they brought him back and he went out and did a nice job with that. Then, they wanted to run the ball more, so they put him in the backfield and he did well. That's what he's really done in the NFL; when we had him in Philadelphia, he moved around, played running back, wide receiver, inside, outside and then he's kind of doing that for us now."

Q: Do you give parameters to Alex Smith week-to-week, or is that all just up to him?

REID: "You don't have to do that with him and I've really never done that with any of my quarterbacks. I just tell them to play the game. If they're thinking about that kind of stuff, normally bad things happen; either they don't execute the play or they get hurt and neither one of those is good."

Q: What's the risk reward of when quarterbacks run the ball and take off?

REID: "It's all part of the game. You don't want to see any of them go down. That's a tough position and that's why the league has spent so much time trying to work the rules and regulations of that actual position. Things happen. They happen in this game; it's a contact sport."

Q: What's a mock game?

REID: "We just, on Saturday, do a walkthrough. It's a walkthrough."

Q: What's the challenge, when facing the Bills defense and LB Kiko Alonso?

REID: "Their front seven is one of the better ones we face, if not the best. They can bring it. The front guys bring it and those linebackers are extremely fast and athletic. Their rookie is right up there either leading the league in tackles or right up there in tackles. I know he's making a lot of tackles; you turn on the tape and see him running around making a lot of tackles. We have to make sure that we play very well against them."

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