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Andy Reid Comments on Potential Rule Changes for Next Season

The NFL is reportedly discussing a handful of rule alternations for the 2018 season

The NFL is reportedly discussing a handful of rule alternations for next season, including changing defensive pass interference from a spot foul to a maximum of a 15-yard penalty.

Here's more on the potential rule change from Jeremy Bergman at

Changing the pass interference penalty is on its face a defense-first measure. Offenses would have far less to gain by "chucking it up" to try and draw a penalty from a grabby defensive back downfield.

Defensive pass interference was called 266 times in 2017, per Pro Football Reference, or more than once per game for an average of 18.09 yards per game. It was the third-most frequent flag behind offensive holding and false start.

Head Coach Andy Reid discussed the potential rule change with Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday.

"I think it's good," Reid said. "I think it opens things up for the offense a bit, but the offense has to be smart with it too – it can go either way, offensive or defensive. It's important that both sides are playing football as opposed to all of the hand-slapping stuff that goes on. I think it helps your passing game and it makes your defensive guys play a little more honest. It should be a real positive."

Other potential changes being discussed include redefining what constitutes a catch and updating the "targeting" rule.

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