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Andy Reid Conference Call 9/30

Andy Reid spoke to the media via conference call on Tuesday following the Chiefs Monday night victory over the Patriots.

OPENING STATEMENT:"I'll tell you the injuries real quick. Donnie Avery has an adductor strain and we will just see how he does here. Jamaal's (Charles) ankle is sore but he's doing ok. Eric Berry still has a sprained ankle, right now he's just kind of in the same position he was last week but a tad better. Joe McKnight, we haven't done anything there yet but something's going to happen. I don't know if it's Joe, or who, but (John) Dorsey is going to make a move here somewhere so we can add Donald Stephenson back on."

Q: Stephenson, you intend to get him back at practice tomorrow right?


Q: Do you get a roster exemption for him until Saturday? Do you know about that?

REID:"I don't (know). Dorsey does all that stuff."

Q: I thought with those guys with four games that you have until Saturday, that you can actually practice with 54 guys plus the practice squad guys.

REID:"You might be right, I don't know that."

Q: What about Donnie Avery, assuming he can't go on Sunday, do you guys have the depth? Do you like what you have at his spot without him?

REID:"Yeah, we should be ok there, if it doesn't work out for him."

Q: Was De'Anthony Thomas close this week? Is he getting close?

REID:"Actually, he's feeling pretty good. We will just see how it goes. Right now I'm just in that 'let's see how we do at practice' mode with some of these guys, and we will go from there. He made it through last week ok and it looks like he's getting better. We'll see how things work out tomorrow."

Q: On Stephenson, is he going to go right back into his role on the right side?

REID:"I've just got to see where we are at. I haven't spent a whole lot of time on that part yet, but we will see where he's at physically. I think he's probably in pretty good shape right now but we will see. Kind of get him back in the swing of things and see how he does."

Q: Sean Smith has had a nice two week period here. What have you seen from this guy, how has he grown from last year?

REID:"I think he has a better understanding of the defense. I think he's probably just more comfortable, he's always been a pretty good player. I think it was a matter of getting his feet wet in this defense and getting comfortable."

Q: Sean Smith seems to be playing with the energy that you guys look for, kind of that enthusiasm. Is that something you've taken notice of?

REID:"He's playing good, emotional, solid football. I think that's an important part of it too. I think he's done a nice job with that."

Q: How did your offensive line play last night?

REID:"I thought they played well, not that we don't have plenty of room to improve, but I thought they came out and played good, tough, hard-nosed football which is a good starting point. We've got to keep working our fundamentals; we've got to get better there. They'll do that. That's the way they're wired. I thought they played good football all around."

Q: What kind of game did Eric Fisher have?

REID: "He's just gotten better and better and better. Every week gets a little bit better. That's how I thought he played big. He had an All-Pro player he was playing against and I thought he did a great job there."

Q: Is he a guy that we get to see as a tall, big guy, but also has athletic ability taking on Chandler Jones?

REID: "Yeah. I think he had a chance to see that and he is athletic and he is big and he moves around well and he is able, not that Chandler is going to make his plays, he does it on the best of them. I'll tell you, Eric did a heck of a job against him."

Q: What does it say about your players that you are able to put those big numbers on the board?

REID: "It's about those guys and the coaches giving them an opportunity to put them in a good position to make plays and then the players have done a heck of job making them. Like I mentioned to Bob, there's so much room to improve. We can get a lot better there. We've got to be focusing in and keep working here."

Q: Now that you've watched the game, was there any position groups that stood out to you that played well?

REID: "It's hard in a game like that because you come out of it and you feel like most of the people played okay and I watched the tape this morning and I felt kind of the same way. I just thought everybody contributed and there wasn't anybody that didn't play well. I didn't feel that way in this game. They played as units on both sides. I'm saying that for the ultimate respect for what they did. When you play together as a team, that's important in this thing and if somebody has one bad play and another guy covers him up, I saw that. That's what you saw last night."

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