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Andy Reid: "I think trust is an important thing"

Coach Reid talks team trust and previews the Washington Redskins

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, as far as injuries go, Branden Albert will not practice today. He is making progress with this hyperextended knee. (Anthony) Fasano hasn't been cleared yet, so he won't practice today and then Justin Houston will not practice today. Everybody else will work in some level or another. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Redskins. We understand what kind of football team they are. They're very well-coached and they've got good football players. They're leading the league in rushing and they're very explosive on the offensive side, not only on their down the field throws, but also with their running game. Defensively, they've really got everyone coming that was on the playoff team last year playing. Jim Haslett is a phenomenal defensive coordinator and brings a lot of people, we know that blitz-wise, so we have to be sharp there. They've got as good of a front seven that we've faced so far and that we probably will face and then, a good special teams unit. So, we're preparing ourselves starting it off today at our walkthrough and then, we'll finish it up with our practice this afternoon."

Q: What do you see in Robert Griffin and what kind of challenge does he present?

REID: "He's gifted both throwing the football and running the football and he's a smart kid. He seems to love to play the game. It looks like he's worked through his knee surgery that he had and I think the last couple of weeks here, he's playing just like he did last year. He's fast and aggressive, both throwing the ball and running the ball."

Q: As long as Branden Albert is out, Donald Stephenson will be your left tackle and Eric Fisher will be your right tackle?

REID: "Yes."

Q: Why do it that way?

REID: "Both of them have practiced those spots. Stephenson has had more work on the left side and Fisher has had all of his work at the right side."

Q: With a quarterback like Griffin, is it better to pressure him a lot or get him out in open space and pound on him?

REID: "You give him a lot of space and he's hard to get to. He can skidaddle pretty good. I think he's good in either situation, whether he's taking off in the pocket and running vertical or he gets out in space and is able to use his speed and ability to corner. The bottom line is, you have to tackle him. You have to hit him, you have to do that. Make sure you get him down on the ground so whichever direction he goes, you want to make sure you have covered. You can put so much emphasis on the outside part, his outside run ability that you leave these big-gaping seams inside and then you're going to pay for that too. So, as disciplined as you possibly can be and then when you have an opportunity to tackle him, make sure you get him on the ground."

Q: What about Geoff Schwartz and Jon Asamoah from the last month and moving forward?

REID: "Well, both of them actually played in the game. (Geoff) Schwartz, right now, will be starting and he's jumped in and actually done really well there, so he'll do that. I know Jon (Asamoah's) shoulder is still a bit tender, although it's making progress to where he can function and play, but right now, Schwartz is going to be starting."

Q: Is finishing what you start something you learn as a team or does it come with experience?

REID: "Staying aggressive is an important part of this game and being successful in this game. Knowing when to do that and when not to do that, I think is also very important, within each play. I would tell you the more you play, the more you understand that. The more you play together, the more you understand that. There's a time and a place where one of your teammates might be very aggressive in a tackle or a block up-front, where you have to take a different angle or approach to either that block or that tackle. It's learning when and where and how to do that. I think our guys work very hard at that. We're getting better at it every week and we have to continue to get better."

Q: Do you think Anthony Fasano will be ready to go this Sunday?

REID: "I don't know that. We're going to take it day-by-day. That's up to the tests. I don't know how all of those really work, other than they have to take those tests. We're reliant on that. He seems to be getting better, feeling better, but there are other things that go into that."

Q: If he's not ready, will you bump one of the practice squad guys up, since you haven't made any roster moves?

REID: "I have a couple of guys on the practice squad that I like, so that would be the reason not to do something right now and then just see how Anthony does as we go here. It's too hard to predict. The other two kids will take the reps today and we'll just see how it goes."

Q: What are the differences between Dominique Jones and Demetrius Harris?

REID: "One's got experience and one doesn't, so you kind of weigh that out and see what you think. I think they both can catch the football well; one probably blocks a little bit better than the other one. That's what it would come down to."

Q: Do you think you need a receiver or blocker more?

REID: "I haven't got that far yet. We'll see how it goes this week."

Q: How much time do practice squad guys get to show you what they really have?

REID: "Well, if they've gone through training camp, you have a feel of the physical part of it and then you see how they're doing with the routes that you have. Some of these guys we've worked into the offense, if some were banged up like the situation we have now, so, we're able to see how they're absorbing the offense. Some of them, they're coming in new and you try and take tape off of whatever, whether it's a preseason or if they've had a chance to play in regular season games."

Q: What kind of adjustments, if any, are needed for pass defense?

REID: "You're always making adjustments. We'll do what we need to do and what we feel is right to do as we go forward here. That's what, as coaches, you try to put the players in the best position to make plays and that's the direction we're working in."

Q: How do you put your players in the best position to rush a pass? Last week, Peyton Manning had some time.

REID: "He had too much time. Although, I thought overall, we did a better job of rushing the passer and we were able to alter some of his throws, not only throws that he wanted to make, but also throws that he did make. There were some that were a little off, obviously with the two interceptions, so that was part of it. On a couple of those, he did have time; that's going to happen. You have to work through that and you have to make sure you play the coverage and do the things you have to do back there. There are going to be times when the quarterback has a little bit of time and you have to make sure that you rally the other part of that."

Q: Is this a crossroads of the season?

REID: "They know that they've won some games and that they've lost the last couple, they understand that. I think it's important that you stick with the process. It's important to trust that and believe in it. They're learning that as you go through; that's the ebb and flows of the season in the National Football League. You're going to have highs (and) you're going to have lows. It's important that you stay consistent through both. I have a lot of trust in our locker room and the way they go about their business and I think trust is an important thing from both sides, players and coaches. I think that's what makes up a team."

Q: What about bringing back Jerrell Powe?

REID: "Jerrell is a pure nose guard is what he is; that's kind of his deal. We have had some guys in here that I think are good football players, probably more three techniques than that pure nose. He gives you the flexibility to give Dontari (Poe) a base look, a blow, give him a rest. John (Dorsey) thought that was important now. As coaches, we were on board with him. We got it. We understand; he's somebody that the coaches feel comfortable with, which I think is important. He knows the system (and) he's comfortable."

Q: Are you planning on taking Dontari Poe out of the game more often?

REID: "Well, we'll see how it goes. I mean, we have to go through practice and all of that, but we'll see. It gives you somebody that can play in the base unit. That base unit is going to play a little bit this week. That run game is the best in the National Football League, so they're going to be on the field quite a bit."

Q: You've played in low-scoring defensive games and high-powered offensive games. Does one style fit more than the other?

REID: "The thing that fits it the best is if you're scoring more than they're scoring; that's the primary objective. We've come up short on the last couple, last two to three there. You're going to be in both, so either one shouldn't matter. You should be able to put more points on than the other team."

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