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Andy Reid Mentions Penalties, Turnovers After Sunday's Loss

Reid pointed to a couple of areas he believed made the difference in Sunday's loss to the Cardinals

The Chiefs dropped their third straight on Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 17-14 and coach Andy Reid spoke on Monday of the issues he believed were the leading cause of that loss.

"You obviously can't have the penalties and turnovers that we had against a good football team and come out on top," Reid said. "The positive things out of the game were that we did put ourselves in positions there to score, in particular down the stretch, but again, turnovers nulled that.

"These are things we can fix and we'll do that. We'll get it taken care of here over this week and make sure we address some of these issues, continue to get back to better fundamentals where we're keeping our hands in tight and also hanging onto the football."

The Chiefs had a season-high nine penalties for 75 yards in the game and also had two key turnovers in the second half, an interception thrown by Alex Smith and the controversial fumble by tight end Travis Kelce.


The Smith interception came just after a touchdown pass to tight end Anthony Fasano was nullified by an offensive pass interference call, and the Kelce fumble came with just over five minutes remaining and with the Chiefs just inside the red zone.

In the first half, Jamaal Charles carried the ball three times for 74 yards, including a 63-yard touchdown run.

The Cardinals made a considerable effort to stop Charles and the Chiefs running game in the second half by putting extra guys in the box.

"They loaded it up a little bit," Reid said. "We came out running in the second half, had a little success and to some of our formations, they put a few more people into the box. There were some things there we had an opportunity to take advantage of the pass game. That's kind of how you work and we didn't get everything done there we needed to obviously."

Once again, the Chiefs defense did everything they could in the second half to try and give the offense an opportunity to win the game. They forced the Cardinals into just 20 percent (1 of 5) in red zone touchdown efficiency, an area the Chiefs defense ranks No. 1 in the NFL at 37.8 percent.

Kansas City Chiefs take on the Cardinals in Arizona on Sunday December 7, 2014

"That's big along with the two missed field goals," Reid said of the defense's effort inside the red zone on Sunday. "That's a big thing and you'd rather stop them out wide, but to not allow them to score touchdowns. Definitely puts you in a position to take care of business.

"When you really look at this thing, you try to find positive in situations like this. The positive is that we had the ball in our hand going down the stretch. The ball was just outside the 20 when the fumble took place. We were on the move for either a tie or a win."

Reid continued.

"You can't with the negatives, you can't forget the things you put yourself in a position to do and we did gain some yards throwing the football which were positive yards.

"Again, you can't have the turnovers there along with the penalties. When you have a penalty on a drive, your percentage of having a success drive or a touchdown on that drive are slim. The percentages go way down whether it's a holding call or illegal procedure call. Now you're playing back into that other team's hand, playing an uphill battle there.

"You don't want to put yourself in those positions."

Hopefully the Chiefs can get back on track Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, who come in a confident team after beating their Bay Area rival San Francisco 49ers last Sunday.

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